Is it a sin?

I know this may be scrupulous but if you say something sinful without thinking like if you say hypoteticaly, that there are multiple gods but then quickly realize what you said and correct yourself.

Stupid? - yes, Dumb? - yes. Sinful is another issue. You stated that you blurted it out without thinking. Sin is a conscience thing. You must know that the act/thought is sinful and yet choose to do it. Based on what you wrote, you weren’t thinking when you spoke let alone deciding to commit a sin.

Confeession is good for the soul - even when the sin is questionable at best.

Please get help for your scrupulosity.

Almost every thread you start is asking if something is a sin.
Please heed the advice of the many posters in many threads and talk to your priest about your scrupulosity.
If you continue to think everything you say or don’t say or do or don’t do is a sin you will simply make your life miserable.

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