Is it a sin?

Is it a sin to listen to Slayer because their band has an upside down pentagram on their photo.

Perhaps not in itself (a priest would be able to tell you for sure) but it is not a constructive thing to listen to.

I myself have been a life-long heavy metal fan and until recently I started listening carefully to the lyrics of the songs (English is not my native language). Some of the things they say are just nasty. And believe me, not just the heavy metal bands, but since we are on the subject…

They “play” to be mean and “devilish” and I think that is just silly. Why do that? Singing about drugs, promiscuity, or demonic things is just unnecessary.

Like I said, not all the bands and the songs are like that and this is not only in heavy metal. Have you heard the lyrics for the pop hit song “Blurred Lines”? Try to exercise good judgement and have fun with the music. Just make sure it is not denigrating, destructive or demonic.

It’s a sin because they’re really rubbish…:rotfl:

Um…I think it depends on what you feel or think about the music…or perhaps more importantly what it makes you feel or think…when you listen to the lyrics are the horrible? is that what you want to fill yourself with? I mean I am as guilty of this same thing as you, my ipod is full of RAWR! For when I go to the gym…lol…but…on an everyday basis I really do try to not listen to songs that objectify women, make sex seem like a casual thing, glorify drugs or violence…but sometimes people can go overkill on the hey kid! all your music is trash! type stuff…I am not going to stop listening to my music when I need it for certain things…my music is my escape, my way out of pain, my way to express myself, motivate myself and so much more…music is a huge part of my life…although unfortunately modern society has refused to accept the Mohawk and fluorescent colored hair as “normal” so I have had to conform somewhat…meh…

It’s not a sin, it’s just not something Our Lady would do :smiley:

Yes, which is another way of saying it will lead us away from Christ.

I do not think the two statements are equivalent. I’m sure there are plenty of perfectly neutral or even good things that Our Lady would not have been personally interested in.

That being said- while I don’t think the photo makes listening to the group sinful, the group itself doesn’t strike me as a particularly good influence…

From Wikipedia:

Released in September 1985, Slayer’s second full length release Hell Awaits expanded on the darkness of Haunting the Chapel, with hell and Satan as common song subjects. The album was the band’s most progressive offering, featuring longer and more complex song structures.[1] The intro of the title track is a backwards recording of a demonic-sounding voice repeating “Join us”, ending with “Welcome back” before the track begins. The album was a hit, with fans choosing Slayer for best band, best live band, Hell Awaits as 1985’s best album, and Dave Lombardo as best drummer in the British magazine Metal Forces’ 1985 Readers Poll.[16]

So, uh… While I don’t think drawing a star on your album means that Christians automatically can’t listen, I also don’t think that songs about hell and Satan are really what we should be filling our heads with. :shrug:

So is it ok to listen to music from websites that support them ( if I do not listen to their songs.

I’m asking because I read post in the moral theology section and there are stuff there that makes me nervous because of my scruples

I think it’s fine. I could understand people avoiding the whole site if they really wanted to, but you’re not going to find a company that doesn’t support anything bad at all. Just avoid the bad songs.

I’m not sure how the post you linked to is related, unless you’re considering praying to Satan. If that’s the case, we have bigger problems than what sites you use to listen to music.

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