Is it a sin..

Is it a sin to pray so that I get something I want for my birthday? :confused:

I had once heard that if you think it is a sin, it most likely is a sin. Whether a venial or mortal. I totally get you by hoping you get what you want. Even though we try living for God in everthing we do, we still have that human/materialistic side pulling us. But a lot of times we just need to pray “Lord please make…bla bla bla…happen, IF it be your will.”
Don’t know if this helps much but it was worth a shot :slight_smile:
God bless. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY :smiley:

Well, “something” can be many things. Some things may indeed be evil, but I guess you may be talking about asking for material things?:confused: I think there is nothing sinful about that. However, I always think that we can learn to ask God for “better” things.

One of bigger inspirations to my life was King Solomon. When God said to him, ask me anything and it will be given, what he asked for was wisdom. I was a very young child but I still remember being quite disturbed by Solomon’s request. One thing it taught me was that wisdom might be something superior to all the material things I imagined I would have asked on its place, having such opportunity.

But, I believe there is no sin is asking for any good thing you need.

If it is a sin it is for sure not one God see as a sin. Of course we can pray that we want something that we really want. I will pray that you get what your heart desire. I wish you a happy birthday in advance. Take care and God bless you.

PS: I once did pray for a dog, and I got one.

Gee, there are so many much better people on this site than I am! I don’t consider asking my Father for something nice for my birthday a sin. The real sin is socks and undies. God obviously will only give you what is for your own good. He is not a genie to give you three wishes. Pray is however a real conversation with our Father and I believe that the familiarity of Abba should permeate our prayer. I often think of it as crawling into His lap, for I feel that we must be like little children in our Faith. But just as my dad would never buy me roller-blades; so God will look to my future not a silly whim. The only thing I pray for now is His Mercy!

Prayer is asking - it is giving praise and glory - it is a conversation - it is many things.

In your question above the word “so” popped out at me…“is it a sin to pray **so]/b] that I get something…”
You may not have intended this but it sounds rather presumptuous…like if you pray for this thing, it will happen. Like I say this may not have been what you intended.

As others have said…no it is not a sin to pray for something that you want but it is important to have the right frame of mind, a recognition that the answer might be no, and that God knows what is best for us at a given point in our lives.

If I may suggest, consider the prayer that Jesus taught us. The “Our Father”. Pray this slowly and carefully. Think about what each phrase says - what it entails and what frame of mind it is trying to invoke in us.

Just a thought…


that depends…but I guess Nope…

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