Is it a sin??

hello everyone,I know that fornication is a sin, but does kissing and romance with a friend of the opposite sex equal fornication, and do i need to go for confession for romancing??

I can’t really answer this question in terms of catholic theology, but seeing as how this is a “moral theology” forum, I’ll answer my own way :slight_smile:

If you forced someone into doing something they didn’t want to do, or you hurt someone, then you should apologize to them. I don’t see how confessing to a priest would correct an offense against another person.

However, I fail to see how showing affection to another human being could be wrong. You’ve likely simply left someone with fond memories, not hurt them in any way.

As a side note - my parents attempted to raise me catholic and I had to go to catholic school for many years. I don’t recall anything mentioned in church teaching/doctrine that involved anything that tame.

I don’ believe romance and kissing are sins, as long as it is mutual and respectful of one another.

Yes it is.

As long as either one of you doesn’t have lustful thoughts, then no.

am sorry, but am still confused. I made out with my boyfriend and we stopped just before it gets out of hand,is it considered a sin,and do i need to go to confession? Sorry i asked again,its just that i have been trying really hard to overcome sexual sins, and this is the first time since over a year that i’ve come close to giving in. Just want to know if i fell again?

@davyvfr…we didnt plan it,it just happened but,yes it then gave me lustful thoughts.

It’s my understanding if there is undressing, heavy petting, impure desires that it would be a sin.


It sounds like you let it go too far, so yes, it was probably a sin. Venial or mortal - I cannot judge knowing what little I do but you will certainly benefit from the Sacrament of Reconciliation either way. Remember that using one another for lustful purposes is not respectful of either one of you nor of God and His will for us.

Stay away from the near occasions of sin that led to the situation you found yourself in. If being alone late at night leads to situations like this - don’t be alone together late at night - or whatever the situation may be. Also, make sure that God is a part of your romantic relationship - pray together at the beginning and end of your dates - and pray as individuals for the virtues of charity and chastity.

Thanks everyone,i’ll be sure to go for confession.

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