Is it a sin?

If one says a prayer to a Saint in which they promise to have them as their patron, and one fails to do this, are they under the pain of sin?

Please talk with a priest about this as you’ve given us very little about the circumstances about both the reason behind the promise and why the promise was not kept. Fr. will be the best one to advise you as to if this was a sin, and if so, how to handle the situation.

The Host of Saints seem to be a very forgiving lot and I’m sure you’ll have the chance to apologize and as they were in this life, I’m sure that they understand our weakness and the harshness of life that can make one promise such a thing and yet be unable to follow thru… and keep in mind… what ever assistance ultimately rendered was thru the Grace of our Lord and he is the one you should be thanking.

No. Saints are our helpers and changing your mind as to who your patron saint will be is not a sin. To me it’s like promising to meet at a certain prayer group and then choosing to go to a different one. The original prayer group will not hold you accountable nor will God. God wants you to pray to Him and that includes the prayers of the communion of saints. But you are not obligated to remain with any particular person on earth or in heaven for intercessory prayer. Only if you fail to pray at all could this be a cause for concern. Speak to your confessor about this as it seems that you might just be a tad scrupulous. God bless you, teachccd. :slight_smile:

absolutely not. Where in the world did you get this idea from? praying to saints is only asking for their intercession and that can be done to as many or few as you want or need.

Given your tendency to scrupulosity and to compulsive behaviors, please talk this over with your pastor. One should not be making “promises” to Saints, God, etc, when one has compulsive tendencies.

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