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My husband who works long week days asked me if we could go on a canoeing/camping trip this next weekend. If we go there would be no access to a church. I got really quite when he asked because I feel that it is a sin to miss mass for a camping trip. He seems so excited about going and showing the kids how to camp. So I guess I am asking would it be a sin if we missed mass if there was no way to attended or should we forgo the trip.


Ask your pastor for a dispensation to miss Mass. Then there’s no sin involved.


Excellent response. Your pastor is the best person to guide you in this. Normally I would say plan your vacations around Mass attendance, but if your dh is not a praticing Catholic, than working this out within the Church’s guidelines is probably your best witness to him.


Agreed. If you’re doing something where you would miss Mass if you did it, just ask your pastor to be dispensed.


Thank you everyone for your responses. I will go and ask my pastor. :slight_smile:

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