Is it a sin?


:confused: Hey There, My Best Friends mother had gave me Rosary Beads on Christmas 2005. Well about 2 weeks ago she had Told my friend that she wanted them back. I couldn’t believe it I haven’t spoken to her in a few months and I just don’t understand why she would all of a sudden want them back. So I had called her Mother and left a message to please call me and let me know if its true. So a few minutes later her Sister called not the mother. Yelling at me Degrading my Beliefs and said you haven’t been to church. She wants them Back and see the thing is I have been to church and she really don’t know the person that i have become since I got them beads. Unfortunately I gave them back the next day. Is it a sin to ask for something like that back?


I don’t know about it being a sin or not… just the whole situation makes me feel kind of sad. It seems like your best friend’s mother and her family thought something about you but didn’t come out and talked to you about it. Which I always think is very sad. :frowning: People should just talk more. And judge less.
The way I udnerstand it, you had no idea why she would want the rosary beads back. And then all of a sudden somebody is there on the phone yelling at you…:shrug: :confused: It doesn’t make sense. And still, unfortunately, stuff like this happens quite a lot. People ASSUME something about one another. But they don’t mention it, but maybe just don’t talk to the other person anymore. And the other person has no idea why… As I said, really sad.

If she gave the beads to you as a Christmas gift, it is also really WEIRD that she would ask for them back. I mean, a gift is a gift, right? Or was it more like a loan?:shrug:


It does sound strange, but it’s not any more of a sin because it is a rosary thn it would be for any other gift. I suggest you buy yourself another rosary and say it for your friend and her family. They sound like they are very confused. If you’ve been going to a Catholic Church, perhaps you could also ask to speak to your priest about this. He will have good advice for you about how to move beyond this hurt.


How:( sad…

If you cannot afford to buy another rosary, you can get a beautiful all-twine knotted rosary by going to Just click on “general information”, & you will see “request a free rosary” in the little box.
If you fill out this form, as requested,& print it out & send it in, you will get a new rosary for the price of the stamp it takes to mail in the request.
These are beautiful rosaries… :slight_smile: even the ones that:o I make…

I hope that having a rosary again, & praying it, will help you feel better about this!!



Yes Im sure it was gift. She made a announcement over Christmas dinner. In front of ALL our family and friends and said a prayer to me. Sad just SAD


Sad, yes.
Also WEIRD!!



Weird in some ways but not in others. See My so called Friend has a lot of problems and she was upset that her mother gave them to me first of all. So to add to the story my friend First called me and asked to borrow the beads. Then after i said you can but, give them back. Thats when she said well my mom wants them back. The only thing I know about them beads are that they were blessed by a women that is very sick now and I think that could have something to do with it. But I also feel that my friend needs to pray with them for her own reasons and I really should pray for her. I just never asked for them to be giving to me and just don’t understand why someone would think that its ok to DEMAND them back. NOT ASK I can really say that I have done nothing to be treated that way. and the sad part about it is I really have done a lot to help this Family in there time of needs. And this is how they thank me. Sad very sad


Less talk more judgement? Weird.

However, it sounds like your friend needs prayer. I would give them back and get a free set. But then, I’m not that emotionally attached to gifts or objects of any kind, so it might not be the best path. I prefer to accept a gift in the spirit it was given and freely give it away if I feel someone needs it more.

Oh, I’m not saying that is absolutely the best course of action. Your specific case is yours. Pray for guidance and joyfully follow the direction you choose.


Perhaps they are a family heirloom previously promised that your friend’s mom forgot about.

In any case - let it go, forget it, and don’t even think about it.

Find yourself a new one, probably sold by the Ladies Society at church, and start your own family heirloom.

God Bless.


I just wish people would TALK MORE with each other.
Like: Your friend could have EXPLAINED to you that the sick woman who blessed the rosary needs it now. If that is the case.

I agree though witht he others who replied, give it back. I think that is what Jesus would do. And then He would pray for them.



p.s. I often use my fingers to do the rosary…:blush:


Thank you all for the support. I will move forward from this and know that I have God in my life. Thank you again.
God Bless you all


You are very welcome.:slight_smile:



in general as a matter of etiquette a gift belongs to the receiver. sin is not even an issue in this little story. the virtue of charity is the issue. sounds like everyone involved needs to work on that. what is the moral principal involved here is judging the sins of another person. while we can and should make objective moral judgements about actions, we do not, cannot, and may not make subjective moral judgements about the specific action of a specific individual. That is a greater sin against Christian charity. The “sad” thing about this story as that at least two people are placing greater value on a created object than on a human friendship.


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