Is it a valid baptism?


I have a friend who got baptized into the catholic church under the misconceptions from a church memeber that baptism would give him prosperity and material gains. He also hasn’t been catechized well since he attended RCIA class for only one or two months, before he was hurried into baptism by the parish church. Later, he found out that his life didn’t become as prosperous as the member promised, and his life was actually getting worse.

So now he wants to leave the church, but is worried about the consequences. So my questions are:

  1. Is his baptism valid?
  2. will he go to hell if he leaves the church and does not repent?

Thank you very much in advance!

Yes. It does not matter if he desired Baptism under false pretenses.

  1. will he go to hell if he leaves the church and does not repent?

Maybe. His Baptism placed him in a State of Grace. He will only go to hell if he commits mortal sin, forfeiting his Baptismal Grace.

Leaving the Church would be objectively sinful (meaning against the will of God), but (like all sin) we must have knowledge and consent to incur any consequences. For a sin to be mortal in nature, the knowledge and consent must be complete. Whether or not he forfeits his salvation for this (or any other action) depends entirely on the extent of his knowledge and consent.

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