Is it a wrong(sin) to work for companies like Facebook

Is it wrong (or a sin) to work for a company like Facebook/Google etc… for the reason that they often promote evil like Same Sex Marriage/support abortion etc… and other things which are not compatible with Catholicism? What is the church teaching on such matters.

There’s no teaching. It’s a prudential judgment.

While I, personally consider Facebook to be a plot from Hades, that is just my opinion and bears no weight in the Holy Church.

If you can work for them in good conscience, go ahead.


Most major corporations in America support same sex marriage. There would be many thousands of Catholics (including me) quitting their jobs if this were a requirement.

I don’t like it, but corporate America has moved right along with the secular culture.

I understand what you are saying. Even govt employees will have to quit given US govt supports SSM. I am trying to find if there is any teaching or directive from the catholic church on how to deal with these type of situations?
Some one above said prudential judgement

I have never heard of any Church teaching on the question. If there is, I’d be interested to read it since it would apply to me :slight_smile:

It is cooperation with evil. It is specifically remote material cooperation with evil. You would not be directly advocating the evil but by helping the organization, through your employment, you would be assisting.

So yes, it is wrong, but most likely a minor wrong because as others say the corporate powers, which run our economy, are almost all promoting grave evils. However, it is wise to consider this when seeking work. If you can work somewhere else, even if for less money, you should strongly consider that. A lot of evil happens because we all just kinda go along.

If you take this to an extreme, you would also have to stop shopping at a great number of stores.

That’s not an extreme and you are right that this applies to shopping as well. We shouldn’t materially support evil. Again you may not have choices. For instance all of the grocery stores in your areas may support evil. Or maybe financially you can’t afford to shop at the one store that doesn’t support evil because it has high prices. But we can’t ignore these considerations. We should try our best to avoid helping evil. And I say that as one who could do more himself.

Is it really our responsibility to determine what an individual or a company is doing with its money? We’re not talking about donating to a cause…we’re talking about purchasing morally neutral goods or services. What if I find out that my lawyer uses his earnings to frequent strip clubs. Am I morally obliged to sever all ties with him? I don’t think so.

Let’s ignore the question of whether we have a duty to investigate how a person or company uses their money. What we can easily say is if we know someone is using money immorally, especially to promote gross immorality, then we are materially cooperating with evil if we do business with them. It is really that simple. Now what your particular obligation and culpability are depends on the facts. You should want to limit your material cooperation with evil as much as you can. The guilt of your actions is ultimately determined of course by God.

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