Is it acceptable for a parish to show a documentary on an unapproved apparition?


I was looking on an events calendar for my diocese and saw that there is a private screening coming up at a local parish. This screening is of a new documentary on Medjugorje.

Since the Catholic Church hasn’t approved of this apparition, do you think it is appropriate for a parish to be hosting this kind of event? My thoughts are that it could send mixed messages to uninformed members of the parish.

The description says “Including never before seen archival footage from the early days of the apparitions.”

What are your thoughts?

This is a question and decision for your bishop.

Many questions on these threads could easily deserve the same response, yet much more of an answer was given to those. I was just wondering what peoples’ thoughts were on the topic.

I believe the first step is to ask your Pastor about it. Possibly he has left the choice of film to a lay person or committee. And quite possibly, because they don’t post on CAF, they don’t know it has not yet been approved. So, assume nothing and seek more information is my advice.

It would be interesting to know the motivation of those presenting the program. Perhaps they are not showing it in support but rather as an attempt to counter it.

Depends on the content. It would have to present the facts, and not opine that it was valid.

The apparitions are under an official CCD investigation which was started two years ago. I would not expect a decision for several years (and I expect it to be negative).

There’s nothing wrong with showing a video about an unapproved event. These events usually attract a lot of attention, which brings them to the attention of the Bishops and the Holy See.

Medjugorje, of course, is more controversial. The original Bishop condemned it, and it was condemned by the Council of Bishops of Yugoslavia. This would normally put an end to any chances of further investigation - the CCD investigation is unrepresented. Nonetheless, these decisions are not binding upon anyone outside Yugoslavia (and they maybe not even there - the Council was dissolved).

I would therefore think it unwise to show such a video, and wait for CCD’s decision.

For information purposes only…I see no problem…and so long as the parish priest knows, and the diocese if needed.

And there should be a disclaimer in the announcement that the apparition has not been approved…so that potential attendees are in the know.

If it isn’t dis-approved why not take a positive, constructive approach until such time as a final decision is made on the apparition OR the local ordinary makes an interim disciplinary decision.

How would God/Mary ever communicate to the world in a timely fashion if we were so intransigent and censorial all the time when our official leaders are not? If Fatima had been completely closed down until a final decision was made few would have been there for the Miracle of the Sun and noone would have known what “Fatima” even was until 30? years later when finally approved for cultus. I am sure Our Lady would have been disappointed with that.

Having said that I have a fair idea of what the upcoming verdict re Medjugorge will be … there will be tears. Nevertheless if the local ordinary has not prohibited such things then attendees should have a clear conscience re the screening.

Medjugorje is one of the divisive apparitions.

There are some in my parish who have gone there and think their rosaries have turned into gold.

Take it to a jeweler. It isn’t gold, it’s a cheap metal that changed color because of the chemicals in your skin.

The believers in Medjugorje become absolutely irate when you disagree. In fact I had to explain to the RCIA teacher that the Church teaches that no one has to believe in any apparition ever. It is only held to the person who received it.

If the Church says Medjugorje is true, fine. I don’t have to follow or believe it ever anyway.

I say, let’s all stop making it devisive by being more neutral about it. After all, you didn’t take the Rosaries to the jeweler, either, and can’t be sure they didn’t.

I’m so glad you were able to enlighten the RCIA instructor.

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