Is it acceptable to attend a morally neutral event hosted by an immoral institution?


I asked this in the Ask An Apologist board, but suppose it may not be answered… I thought it might be good to post it here.

[Last night] [Edgar Cruz]("") [performed] at [a Unitarian Universalist (UU) "church"](""). I have previously attended many events sponsored by the Knoxville-Oak Ridge Guitar Society (KORGS) which have all been hosted here; they bring guitarists from around the world to perform. I am now wondering whether my actions have been in line with Church teaching.

On previous visits I have seen posters and brochures encouraging those with same sex attractions (labeling them instead 'homosexuals') to embrace their homosexuality, encouraging their members to fight "unfair, discriminatory" legislation supporting marriage. They believe in moral relativism, that "[ll individuals should be encouraged to develop their own personal theologies]("")", and so on; their services are for their members to worship whatever gods or goddesses they feel appropriate. A girl I know left her Lutheran faith to become Unitarian Universalist and later told me that by supporting Proposition 8 in CA I was "infringing on her religious freedom" since "[her] church holds gay marriage ceremonies", etc. I say all this in case there are any who are unaware of how very immoral UU's are; after rejecting the Church's authority they have been led into all kinds of heresy and blasphemy.

In a recent Catholic Answers broadcast, the guest made it clear that early Christians *burned* heretical documents with false teachings, and he mentioned a few false gospels; Jesus himself overturned tables and tore things down when he saw how God's temple, a place of worship, was being abused. I have gone into that building, seen those brochures and posters, and have done nothing. As a Catholic, am I not obligated to tear apart their brochures and posters encouraging evil? (Am I not to work for the good of my fellow man?) Instead, I feel I have been cooperating with them by attending KORGS's events, since it seems clear that this UU "church" hosts these events in part to legitimize their organization.

The concerts themselves are classical and fingerstyle guitar. One young guitarist, Saifiel Tmeizeh, even played several arrangements of Christian hymns, dedicating with prayer his performance to God. (Later I found he was leaving for a Protestant seminary school.) What do you think? What should I do? I suppose from this context, my two questions are:
*]Is it acceptable to attend a morally neutral event hosted by an immoral institution?
*]Am I obligated to tear down fliers promoting evil and immorality?

I asked my mom, and she pointed out that
*]Jesus was critized for eating with sinners.
*]Jesus only tore things down once, but that these practices were widespread and Jesus didn’t go around tearing things down everywhere he went. (But how does she know?! And wasn’t Jesus historically charged with civil unrest?)


No. At least I wouldn’t be able to do this. My money/treasure would be helping to support this immoral institution. I couldn’t do that. Same thing for Walk for Breast Cancer - not bad in itself, but E.Komen Foundation gives money for Planned Parenthood, so if I, a woman that may face this disease, went to this march I would be indirectly supporting PP.:shrug:


I think this is something that you will have to work out with your own conscience. The fact that you’re asking for help with this indicates to me that your conscience is telling you right now that you should not go.

Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem with going. Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding, but it sounds to me like the UU church that you’re going to is just being used as a building. I don’t know about you, but if I chose to avoid every building that was used in ways that I didn’t agree with I would be stuck at home a lot.

I think the important thing to consider is whether the posters, etc. are leading you away from God and your faith, or whether you are able to ignore it.


That’s why I need to see if any of the proceeds go to the Unitarian Universalists (UUs). I agree with brigid12: If any proceeds go to them, I think I would be obligated to not attend: there is no counterbalance; a fraction goes to an immoral institution, the rest goes to a morally neutral institution (KORGS); there is no net gain for God.

I have been told:

Bottom line: The Unitarian church in Knoxville is the only church out of more than 150 in the area that will rent space to Society and also allow us to charge admissions to the concerts. Of course, without the admission charge, we could not brings in world-class artist. They charge $150 a concert for the auditorium and for the social room. No other concert hall, auditorium, will come close to that price.

Their kitchen and dining room space is also used for a reception after the concert, with UUs working in the kitchen to provide small finger foods and drinks. So in addition to the concert serving as a promotional event for them, they charge $150.

So I suppose that answers that question: In attending, the UUs benefit.


Well, I just voted “Yes” to my poll there after my Mom had some choice words …

Dan184: I don’t think I can go to any more KORGS events at the TVUUC.
“Mom”: I disagree
"Mom": Jesus went to immoral places and paid for meals from immoral people
"Mom": And you won’t be a good witness to Larry
"Mom": What would Jesus do
"Mom": You’re getting caught up in “the letter of the law.”
“Mom” signed off at 11:35:49.
“Mom” is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
“Mom” signed off at 11:41:17.
“Mom” is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
“Mom”: There are so many people/places/things/events that are not “godly” in the strictest sense of the word, but you are to be IN the world,not of it
"Mom": The UU place doesn’t “profit” from these events. The monies paid go to pay water, electricity, etc. Are you going to quit using utilities because they may also go to support ungodly people and things? Where does it end? It’s one thing to not give $$ to Planned Parenthood and the United Way because you know it goes to pay for abortions. It’s quite another to decide not to go to something like this because pennies might profit an institution like the UU place.
“Mom”: Are you going to quit buying Crest toothpaste because they donate funds to gay causes and have pro-gay policies? I used to boycott them and buy Colgate instead, and then I learned that company produces Colgate, and the detergents I use and on and on
"Mom": If you begin trying to avoid each and every company and institution that is “ungodly” and does things you don’t believe in, you will find yourself boxed in with walls you created! Jesus didn’t mean for that to happen to us. He wants us to be out there rubbing shoulders with “the sinners,” because we are to be SALT to the world.
“Mom”: There are so many Christians who build their own great big churches with bowling alleys, tennis courts, swimming pools, movie theaters, etc., so they can be absolutely sure their $$ doesn’t profit ungodly people and institutions and that their children don’t meet other ungodly children to influence them.
“Mom”: Where does it end?
“Mom”: How are others to learn of our faith in Christ if we don’t mingle with them?
“Mom”: God rains upon the just and the unjust
"Mom": He blesses the ungodly and the godly
"Mom": That’s grace
"Mom": So to go to the UU place for a morally neutral event is not the same as paying money to see a dogfight, or to get into an illicit and illegal poker club.
“Mom”: We all have to make good choices in how we steward God’s money
"Mom": But you can be so careful that you don’t spend it at all, and you end up like the man who buried the $$ his master gave him instead of using it for God’s gain
"Mom": That man was rebuked by his master, unlike the other two
"Mom": And you could argue he was just being careful not to lose any …
“Mom”: But in the end, there was no profit to his master or anyone else. Life is a gamble in many ways, but God wants us to have faith that he will work all things to our good that are called according to His purpose.
“Mom”: So if you’re not careful you can end up becoming a separatist like so many Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other cults
"Mom": But that’s not what Jesus ever wanted us to do


Well, if you’ve decided to go, how about taking a priest with you, in clerical dress, to bless the place.:smiley:
The biggest question that I ask myself when this sort of thing comes up (and in this culture of death it’s coming up all the time - yes, it is limiting us) is “what would/will I tell Jesus about why I went to this/did this at my particular judgement”.:shrug:
No, Jesus wanted to free us from the “box” of sin. St. Paul also said we were to be in the world, but not of the world - not to make the most convenient decisions for our earthly “happiness”.:wink:


I voted no as this is an immoral organization which benefits financially from these events and therefore that is cooperating in grave sin.

As for you quote, I would say that we must always be EXTREMELY careful when we either try to read the mind of God or put words into His mouth; both of which you and your mother done in your “conversation”.


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