Is it acceptable to keep/use cursed items?


If a person were to somehow find out that something they owned was cursed or consecrated to a demon, are they obligated to get rid of it, or stop using it, even if they do not feel threatened by it–that God is protecting them through the Sacraments and sacramentals?

Is there anything official that says anything about this?


Get rid of it. Sooner than later.


There’s nothing officially written about this but any exorcist would tell you to get rid of any cursed object as soon as humanly possible for your own spiritual, mental, emotional and possibly physical health.


Dump it.


I don’t know why anyone would even want to entertain the idea of keeping it. Something that the demonic is attached to a Christian should not want to have it in his/her possession.


My Mom attended a lecture by an exorcist. The exorcist explained that bad “things” in our life/possession/household give bad “things” a claim on us, and good “things” likewise. It becomes a more powerful link for either good or evil if you actively use those things for their intended purpose-- having a deck of fortunetelling cards, versus actively using them for fortunetelling; having a crucifix on your wall, versus actively calling to mind Christ’s Passion. Having pornography on your computer, but you haven’t watched it recently, versus actively watching porn; having a rosary on your bureau, versus actually praying a rosary. Shortly afterwards, my Mom had the ability to experience this firsthand when she was visiting someone’s house.

If I knew that something was not just bad, but that it had been actively cursed or consecrated to a demon---- yeah, I don’t need to invite that into my life, because just the act of consenting to that object being in your house means that you’re accepting everything that goes along with it.


This raises other questions?

If you were to get rid of of the demonic item, what would be the proper disposal protocol (you don’t want to risk someone finding it and being adversely affected)?

If you don’t want to get rid of it (perhaps due to sentimental value), would there be a way to cleanse it of its demonic influence? People can be exorcised, but what about objects & places?

If you decide to keep the item as is, what would be the potential deleterious affects?


Best to be without it.


The question is, why would you want to?

Even family heirlooms or mementos, if bearing a curse, would likely have only negative memories connected with them. Better consign such to the flames or the ocean floor.

Conversely, if the item is truly of deep value, it can probably be “exorcised.”



Why would you want to keep?
Never had this feeling, but If I felt something was cursed, I’d take it out back and burn it.


The advice in this thread is hogwash. Have we all lost our faith?

And the Lord said, "If you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you could say to this sycamine tree, `Be rooted up, and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you. (Luke 17:6)

Who in the world has the authority to consecrate something to a demon that a child of God couldn’t consecrate back to God. Is there some pope of Satan that has more power than a baptized child of God in a state of grace? Sprinkle some holy water on it, claim it for Christ, consecrate it to God and be done with it. Tell the devil to go F himself just like St. Benedict did.

***Vade retro satana: Vade retro Satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas. Ipse venena bibas!

Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is evil. Drink the poison yourself!"***

Today is all Saints day. Some of them went to their death for Jesus. Or have we become cowards?



Good point


If having an object that makes you uncomfortable or you think or feel it is cursed, get rid of it and be at peace.


Is it really time to dredge up this pointless discussion again? It’s the same as your post of 20th March 2013. Are you expecting ‘better’, different or just more entertaining responses this time around?


Take the object to a spiritually relevant authority figure, namely a priest or exorcist. Then, explain to them the situation. They should know what to do.

Don’t try to get rid of the object by your own means. Throwing a cursed possession into the trash, or smashing it with a hammer, will not remove the demonic threat associated with it. The threat must be removed via supernatural means, rather than natural means, and that is why the object must be brought to a priest.


That’s a very naïve attitude. I’ve listened to talks by Fr. Gary Thomas (the priest exorcist from the movie The Rite), Fr. Vince Lampert, and others who know much more about demons and the demonic than you or I. They all say that demons are very authoritative and will recognize duly authorized exorcists and obey them, while they won’t obey ordinary people.

I don’t remember off the top of my head what they recommend to do with objects you think might be cursed, but Faxero gave some good advice about that.


hmm id say either have it exorcised or get rid of it i still have a santa muerte tattoo but as my priest told me when i mentioned burning it off that god wouldnt want me to give a simple tattoo that much power like im scared if it, its a lack of faith that god is all powerful, not exactly an object but similar now if said object is a family hierloom or very valuable like your car i wouldnt get rid of it id get it exorcised


The chief exorcist of the Diocese of Rome, Gabriele Amorth, in his best-known book on exorcism, says to burn such objects. He also suggests first sprinkling it with holy water (the individual himself can do this, he says) and burning it out in the open while praying, and throwing the ashes into running water. Items that cannot be burned, he says, should be thrown into running water, either a river or the sewer. He says that by cursed objects, Satan apes God. The sacraments use tangible things to give grace; Satan by cursed objects uses tangible things to do evil. (in Gabriele Amorth, “An Exorcist Tells His Story,” pp. 138. 132).


Depends. Is it a Chicago Cubs World Series ticket?



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