Is it acceptable to put money in the baptism water?

I have just watched on our local TV in the news one of our countries richest man baptising his child. And in the Church after the priest blessed the water he trew 7-10 bancnots of money. And not small one but very big numbers. He said for good luck for his son to have luck with money. The priest didn’t say anything but continue the baptism with the water with money. I was wondering if this is accpetable because personally i found it unusual.

No, it isn’t.

But, I’m sure the priest was taken by surprise and in charity did not want to publicly correct this man and embarrass him in front of everyone. So, any correction would be in private and after the baptism.

But is the baptism still valid, is the water still pure, clean? For me the idea is very disturbing and if you are rich doesn’t mean you can do anything you want. I mean baptism is not to help you have luck with money when you are adult.

Yes, its still valid. Unless the coins gave off chemicals that mixed with the water and clouding the water.

Yes, baptism is not about luck. Is this a rich tycoon in the Philippines?

No, it’s in Europe :slight_smile: Not coins, bancnotes. Coins would have been probably too little for his son:D

Oh, okay. Because in the Philippines where there’s a strong Chines influence and where everyone is Roman Catholic, its commong for Chinese superstition to mix into Roman Catholic practices. Not endorsed by the Church of course.

As far as the content of the water for the validity of the baptism, water is water is water. That being said, that was not proper.

If the holy water at my church is still usable to the rest of the parish after this sinner dips his finger in it, then a few dollars in it aint gonna hurt it either.


No it is not acceptable at all.


Certainly valid, certainly not licit.

However, the father may find it backfires on him. God may provide luck with money in the way He defines luck with money, e.g. “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth…” :smiley:



there is dirt and chemicals on money.

Sounds more like superstition to me not to mention that the Baptisimal Font is NOT a wishing well. Perhaps he should just go see the old movie “Three Coins In the Fountain”:confused: :confused:

It is a superstition- a sin- to put money in the baptismal font to give his son good luck with money.

Unacceptable, since it is superstitious and therefore sinful. And I might add, one of the nuttier religious-themed superstitions I’ve ever heard.

Baptism is a sacrament. Not a matter of luck, and not a venue for tossing money into the water.

Poor man. If he gets to the Purgatory, it will take for him a long time, yo learn that his money contaminated the holy water.

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