Is it acceptable to wait until Saturday to go to Confession?

I’m feeling a bit panicky.

To make a long story short, this morning I was driving and thought something sounded a bit off with my car. I thought I should stop to check it because if something was really wrong maybe I could end up killing people, but I didn’t stop because I was late and it would have been stressful for me to stop. I thought at the time I know that this is very wrong because people could die but I did it anyway. I think (?) this is a mortal sin. This morning I thought maybe it was and I could go to confession this weekend but then I remembered there is a church kind of nearby that happens to do Tuesday confession. However, I usually visit my grandmother on Tuesdays. I am not sure if I must cancel my plans to go to confession or not.

I also now am sort of wondering if it was really mortal sin, but in the past I have suffered from scrupulosity but I fear I am using that as an excuse to rationalize not going to confession today.

I don’t know what to do and I feel incapable of making a decision.

You definitely need to talk to your spiritual director about your scrupulosity issue. Yes, this is a scrupulosity situation.

In no way, shape, or form does this approach ANY type of sin at all. You are WAY off here, and need some spiritual direction to understand why you believe this is a sin at all, let alone a mortal one that requires you to run to confession immediately.

I don’t see any sin here at all.

Please listen to this advice.

You are not culpable for predicting the mechanical behavior of your car. You are not responsible for what happens unless you’re driving around with no brakes. So, no sin, much less serious sin.

God knows your heart so there is no need to worry, turn your heart to Him. Now, if you ever do commit an actual Mortal Sin, I would make an immediate act of contrition and resolve to go the confession at the next opportunity.


Speak to your priest, scrupulosity can be crippling.

Yikes. Ok, thanks all. I had thought I was doing better but it seems like I’ve gotten bad again without even noticing this time…which is kinda scary. I definitely am going to have to do something. Having struggled with this to the extent of being medicated a few years ago, I definitely, DEFINITELY do not want to go down that path again.

I think the part where I thought I was endangering other peoples lives and didn’t care is what’s getting to me, but its certainly possible that on some level I knew I was being irrational.

Let not your heart be troubled.

Jesus I trust in you.

I highly doubt you actually thought you were almost certainly going to kill either someone else or yourself, but yet decided you absolutely didn’t care.

In your situation, it seems that you heard a noise that your car was making, but decided it might not be prudent to stop in the middle of traffic to find out what it was.

That’s fine. Your car making a noise does not positively mean your car is about to implode.

Grave matter in this situation would be something far more serious. Like, you know your car has a bomb attached to it, and if you start your engine, you’ll have 16 minutes before it explodes. But you decide to start it anyway, because you know it’ll only take 10 minutes to go get some coffee, and you’ll be well out of your car by the time it explodes. If someone is killed or injured? Well, who cares! You need coffee and you have good insurance for your car!

Thinking that something might possibly be wrong with your car that might possibly lead to an accident is not in any way comparable to the above.

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