Is it acceptable to wear shorts to weekday mass?

I was just wondering what everyone else thinks about this. I always wear something nice to Sunday/Saturday Vigil Masses, but on weekdays, I’m questioning whether or not it’s okay to dress more casually.

I think it’s fine. If it’s o.k. for a homeless person to show up in tatters, it should be o.k. for you in shorts.

The way I figure it, most people are on their way to work (or at their lunch break) when they attend Daily Mass. So if you are a nurse, you’ll be in scrubs. If you are a businessman, you’ll be in your suit. If you are a car mechanic, you’ll be in your shop’s uniform. If you are a cop, you’ll be in your police uniform.

Nobody, literally nobody is going to say anything in the above cases.

Likewise, I doubt that anybody would say anything if you were a tourist and dressed accordingly…went to daily Mass before going out to see the sights. To include wearing shorts.

Having said that, I would also say that maintaining a modicum of modesty would still be important. If you were on the way to the beach, I would NOT think it appropriate to go to Mass (even a daily Mass) in a bathing suit (even if you were covered with a typical “wrap” like can be bought at a swimwear place…obviously, wearing street clothes over the bathing suit would be different).

Of course, we also must realize that it is the norm in an increasing number of parishes to see people in shorts and t-shirt even at a Sunday Mass. So the above conversation should be taken to be strictly in the hypothetical.

I wear shorts to daily mass. They´re dress bermuda shorts, either black or white or tan. No one has voiced displeasure. Only my wife. She´s trying to make me a Saint. God bless:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

In Florida, that is the usual manner of dress for daily mass, but they usually wear Bermuda shorts – I’ve never seen anything shorter than this. Most folks are retirees, and have other errands to run after mass, so they dress very casually. In a hot summer climate, I do not believe anyone will think it is inappropriate.

I choose not to, since my chicken legs would likely be a distraction for others, but several weekday Mass goers do wear shorts at my parish. We live near the beach, and even here it gets warm in the summer. The shorts I see are of a respectable length. MarkOMalley said most weekday Mass goers wear their work clothes, and that is true. Most of those wearing shorts at my parish seem to be retired, so shorts must be part of their retirement uniform.

I also live in Florida & see men & women wear shorts, along with flip flops or those rubber clogs to Sunday Mass. Actually what’s worse is men in undershirts & women in revealing low cut tops. :eek: A priest has complained about it, but not from the pulpit. :mad:

Never. It isn’t a question of being casual or wearing one’s work clothes. It is a question of modesty.


I’m always uncomfortable wearing shorts to mass, but it seems a lot of folks aren’t. I like to think of it this way:

If you were meeting (insert a very important person’s name or title), would you dress differently for them on a weekday than you would a Sunday?

Yes, I understand the issue with work uniforms/attire, so that makes a bit of sense. But if you’re not working, there is no “uniform.” I don’t see the trouble in putting on a pair of slacks or a skirt for an hour or so (mass and commute).

IMHO, if you wouldn’t wear it on Sunday, don’t wear it to Mass at all. After all, it’s still Mass. It’s up to you though. :slight_smile:

It’s not a matter of canon law, but unless you’re a native in Timbuktu, I find it hard to justify shorts inside a church or chapel at all (whether Mass is going on or not). We are in the palace of the King of Kings, and should show more respect than we would in an ordinary place. Shorts (and tee shirts, for that matter) are associated with recreation, and revealing and form-fitting clothing in general can be a near occasion of sin for some people.

“I call you friend”.

What clothes do any of you wear around your friends?

Maybe instead of pushing God away, we should think about embracing God as our Dad, our Brother, our Friend, our Knitting Buddy, our fellow Human Being for those that believe in the Incarnation.

Could be that God did more than die for God’s creation in becoming a part of it in the Incarnation.

We are all in this together whether we like it or not and whether what other people wear bothers us or not.

Respect is the Key Word. I’m a retiree in Florida, but I always dressed with slacks & a dress shirt for Sunday Mass in N.Y. Old habits never die. I dress the same here in Fl. Most retirees dress appropriately, some wear shorts & flips…but it’s the teens and people in their 30’s & 40’s that dress sloppily & immodestly.
The pastor doesn’t want to chase any parishoners away, so he lets it slide.
Also, during the Consecration of the Host, I see people of all ages walking out for a drink of water or to the restroom. I’m sure they can wait 3 min. , til the end of the Consecration.
Yes …Respect ! :frowning:

Mass is the same no matter what day it is. We should all dress as respectfully as we can for every Mass. We’re there to Worship Our Lord, not going to the beach or whatever. Doesn’t take any longer to put on a pr. of slacks than shorts. God Bless, Memaw

Bad comparison! A homeless person may not have anything better to wear. But most of us do! God Bless, Memaw

To bad the Pastor doesn’t have the courage to teach modesty. Our priest did and has had great results. God Bless, Memaw

Good for her, work with her! God Bless, Memaw

That’s where he should do his “complaining!” God Bless, Memaw

There are shorts, and shorts! Shorts just above the knee are OK, but short shorts that expose lots of thigh are just too distracting and immodest. Many older men seem to have kept their short shorts - probably made of crimplene that never wears out - and other men mention how short they are. Men, please be aware that all that thigh can be very stirring to some women - the ones that like a well turned leg. Like me.

I would not recommend wearing shorts deliberately, if the main purpose you are leaving your home is to go to Mass (like it would be on Sundays)

However, if you are wearing shorts, don’t let that be a reason to not go to Daily Mass.

For example: if you are in a city site seeing, and visiting a Cathedral or Basilica. Even though you are in shorts doesn’t mean you cannot visit or attend mass there (unless the specific Church has a strict dress code)

Hope this makes sense.

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