Is it all right to give funds to Relay for Life?

What I’m asking is if there are any connections between Relay for Life or American Cancer Society and other organizations like Planned Parenthood, Susan G. Komen, or other groups that supports either abortion or embryonic stem cell usage?

I actually called the American Cancer Society last week because I had the same concern. Their answer is they do not support the Komen Race nor Planned Parenthood, but in some cities they do allow those organizations to have a booth. That sort of concerned me, but since it’s not happening at the Relay for Life where I am attending to honor my mother, a breast cancer survivor, I plan on attending. Maybe I need to pray over that decision myself. However, I will pray that ACS keeps themselves separated from both Komen and Planned Parenthood. Or, we as Catholics and other Christians, need to find an answer to our own fundraising that will truly respect life from cradle to grave.

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