Is it all right to have a "vocations chalice"?

Last Sunday something called a “vocations chalice” was passed from one family to another who would now spend the month praying for vocations. If this is not a chalice which has been used for the precious blood but, is instead symbolic, is it an acceptable practice? I’d like to know because our family, longtime members of our parish, may some day be asked to take this chalice home.

A blessed chalice can be considered a sacramental, and, if it has been used for the Eucharist, a sacred liturgical object. So long as it is treated reverently while it is in the custody of the host family there does not seem to be any reason why it could not be used as a focus for the family’s prayers for vocations. However, if the chalice has been used for the Eucharist, it should not be used for “agape ceremonies”:

The chalice and paten in which wine and bread are offered, consecrated, and received, since they are intended solely and permanently for the celebration of the Eucharist, become “sacred vessels” (Book of Blessings 1360).

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