Is it allowed to use activist/petition sites that support immoral causes?

Hey everyone. I like to sign online petitions for things like ending the death penalty or support animal cruelty laws and other such things. I feel like it is one way that I can be a responsible citizen and help to change the nation for the better. Unfortunately a lot of such sites also support immoral causes like abortion and gay “marriage”. Therefore, I need to ask, is it immoral to sign petitions and action alerts on these sites so long as it is for a just and moral cause or would simply supporting the site at all be wrong since they also support immoral causes? The one site I have in mind is Amnesty International. As far as I am aware they support gay “marriage” and I know that they also support abortion “rights” as they had a petition thing on their site.

Agreeing with one specific campaign does not presuppose that you agree with all the other campaigns.

Life is often an exercise in compromises. If we refused to deal with anyone who didn’t share ALL of our views, then we’d deal with nobody at all, since nobody is a carbon copy of anyone else.

There’s nothing wrong in supporting an Amnesty campaign against the death penalty, but perhaps I’d draw the line at donating to and financing the organisation itself. Certainly my diocese’s late Bishop explicitly resigned from Amnesty because of their position on abortion, but that didn’t mean he didn’t agree with and support their campaigns about political prisoners, etc…

Sign the petitions you agree with freely. Ignore or find opposing petitions for the ones you don’t agree with.

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