Is it almost impossible for a Catholic to get to Purgatory?


I’m guessing you would have to be an almost Saint to get there?


No, just human with no mortal sin on your soul & wanting to be with God for eternity


St Pio said “you don’t have to be perfect, just willing.”
He wasn’t talking specifically about purgatory but in general terms.

Be hopeful, God is merciful I’m sure.


No, one simply dies in friendship with God. This means that one does not reject God. If one does reject God and commits a mortal sin, they repent and go to Confession.


Actually, almost all Catholics, even those who died with no unforgiven mortal sins, have to go to purgatory first before they go to Heaven. Confession alone before death is generally not enough to escape purgatory and go straight to Heaven. Confession merely removes the guilt, but not the temporal punishments due to sin. That means, sacramental confession ensures that you will eventually go to Heaven, but unless you receive a plenary indulgence, you will suffer the purifying fire of purgatory before you can enter Heaven.


And in purgatory the souls there are very much looking forward to being with God in Heaven.


Sinners with un remitted punishment go to purgatory, saints with no punishment owing go straight to heaven.


Confession , the sacrament of Reconcilliation restores our relationship with God, God forgives us our sins, . People might think, if not familiar with the rite of Reconciliation, it is merely for removing our guilt. I am sure that is not what you meant ROM, but its how I read it.

but yes our temporal punishment remains.

There is a brilliant way this can be completely wiped each year. And given to us by Jesus. Divine Mercy Sunday Jesus has promised if we fulfil the obligations He set , we are completely remitted of our Temporal Punishment.

Its amazing to think that everyone in that church on Divine Mercy Sunday, having fulfilled the obligations are a bunch of saints. If you walk out the church and get run over and die, hopefully its straight to heaven.

Of course over the year, our souls get filled up with new temporal punishment from new sins.


You are right. Confession is primarily for restoring our relationship with God. Of course, it is understood that since the relationship is broken by sin, the way to restore that relationship is, first of all, to have that sin forgiven.


But we can’t go to confession every day and we sin every day so we might not make it to Purgatory.


I think you need to conceive of God more in terms of a relationship with someone who loves you to an unimaginable extent instead of as a tyrannical bureaucrat looking to evaluate you based on some kind of checklist.

  1. Do you understand the three conditions that determine mortal sin?
  2. God is not a bean counter. He is a unique, omniscient, omnipotent, Fatherly, loving, merciful and just Everything. You cannot put Him in a box that fits your understanding. You will have to rely on His mercy if you hope to receive it.


Thankyou for your response,

We don’t commit mortal sin every day. And if we do, I am sure it is fine to speak to a Priest about frequency of confession.


You’re not supposed to go to Purgatory.


Can you explain what you mean please.


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