Is it alright for me to join the Catholic Student Association while in RCIA?


I was looking into groups to join at the university I will be attending the next year and I found the Catholic Student Association (this campus doesn’t have a Newman Center or an actual campus ministry) and they all seem like very kind people. I want to join this group because it seems like an ideal group for me to meet friends that share my values and faith. It is also nice to have someone faithful to go to mass with as opposed to going by yourself right? :slight_smile:

The only thing I feel uneasy about is the fact that I am not totally Catholic. I am, as I put it, in training at the moment. I feel like I would be intruding if I were to just waltz in and take part in activities for people who are Catholic. Would it be better for me to join when I am finished RCIA or should I jump right in and meet some seemingly great people to share the faith with?

ps. I am not like totally clueless I do attend mass when I have the chance, my dad’s entire family is catholic, and I went to catholic school for a few years, if that helps with anything.


I would think they would welcome you with open arms. just tell them up front the situation and you may be surprised that they will be very accepting of you. Congratulations on entering the Church, I am a convert also and I can not think of ever being anything else. I hope all works out well for you.


First of all, welcome home. By all means you will be able to join & should join the CSA. You may even find them able to assist you on your journey home. God bless you on your RCIA journey.


Yes, yes, Join. It will be good for you and them. Converts and people currently in RCIA have a way of re-igniting the faith in CC’s (cradle Catholics).


Jump on in. :slight_smile:

You won’t be able to participate in Holy Communion or in Reconciliation until after you’ve received your Initiation Sacraments, but everything else will be just fine for you, and in fact, an excellent supplement to your RCIA Catechism classes. :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: All of the above! :thumbsup:

At least let the director of the program know that you are in RCIA, it would be good for the others in the group to know as well… and you’ll have a friendly face at Mass that can lead you thru the rubrics etc…


Join by all means, the Newman Centers do great work. You might want to tell them you aren’t Catholic yet so they won’t wonder when you don’t go to communion.



Thank you :smiley: it is great to be welcomed by others who were in a similar spot as me


Thank you and I will look into it. It sure does seem like something that would be a great idea


Haha well I hope I can be that flame that re-ignites their faith :slight_smile:


Wow I never really thought of it as a supplement to RCIA… that is a pretty neat way of looking at it :slight_smile:


I will be sure to let them know :smiley: haha it would be pretty funny explaining why I didn’t receive the Eucharist every Sunday for about 8 months


Yes go ahead and join The Catholic Daughters accepted me before I was fully Catholic and while I was going through my instruction.


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