Is it alright to be heavily into writing fiction?


I may have put this topic in the wrong category, but I wasn’t entirely sure if it belonged in any other, whoops!

So, most of my life, I’ve absolutely loved writing fanfiction, stories about my favorite characters, etc. It’s been a special joy of mine for so many years now, and now I feel uncertain about whether I should write at all anymore.

The content I’m writing isn’t really what’s questionable to me. When I say this, I mean that I try not to depict anything sinful or impure, something that fanfiction has a, uh, pretty well known reputation for. In fact, I really enjoy writing about stories about characters from Mark Twain’s classic novels, Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn. Haha I know it may sound silly, but I’m stating this to reassure readers that what I’m interested in isn’t necessarily bad in the sense that it’s not brimming with raunchy humor or vulgar language, or anything like that. (lol unrelated, but I got into the books a couple years ago after I read Huck Finn for my classic literature class, and I’ve totally been in love with the characters ever since!)

The problem I’m worried about is how I have the tendency to get totally sucked into what I write, the characters I enjoy, or how much I hope people enjoy the content I’m producing, as in, I get anxious to check on what people comment on my stories. Or, as the title implies, I’m worried that I get too proud of the stories I write, and I use my talents to validate myself. This is something that I worry about with just about any of my God-given talents, whether it be singing, writing, or being an artist. But then, this discussion is mainly about writing fiction.

I’ve thought a lot about this in the past, and on many occasions I’ve decided that it’d be best if I just didn’t get into writing stories and posting them, for the reasons stated above. I’m aware that as human beings in a fallen condition, we can turn just about anything into idols. But then I get to thinking, maybe I’m overreacting? I won’t lie, I struggle a lot with distractions and trying to pry myself away from, say, the television to get prayer time in each day…but story-writing has been something I’ve enjoyed for so long now, and like I said, I try to avoid anything that’s raunchy or foul.

Can someone help me out with this question? :frowning: Maybe the fact that I feel so anxious to write shows something in itself haha.


I to love fiction


It’s fine. Of course make sure you’re not letting it detract from living your faith. I find that sometimes I get so invested in a hobby, that I don’t even realize until much later that I’ve been prioritizing it in my life and getting so used to it that it seems normal…which in turn makes prayer and good works seem so distant and unappealing. Definitely something to keep in mind.

But I don’t think you should give it up completely unless you have to.


I don’t read a lot of fiction, the main exception being Flannery O’Connor. I like the realistic gritty fiction, and how in her stories, everyone becomes a little bit more Catholic, because they’re about to die. I know that sounds horrible.

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