Is It Appropiate to Have the Bible and Romance Novels on the Same e-Reader?

This might seem like hair-splitting; but a writer of another post distinguished between being on the toilet reading the physical book Bible, as opposed to it being on an e-reader.

Is it appropriate to mix the sacred and the profane on the same e-reader, or should I get a Bible-dedicated e-reader?

I find that e-readers are lighter to hold and read for extended periods of time.

Please take my question seriously. I don’t want to do the wrong thing.

Well, I’ve got both religious works and secular novels on my e-reader. I set up separate folders for them! But really, I don’t see a problem. I read a lot. It’s the same as having them on the same bookshelf.


Why would you ever imagine a problem there?

After all, for those into Scriptural memorization, the verses join secular knowledge in the same head???:):slight_smile:


:JimG and GEddie, thank you for your reassurance. I think I was obsessing too much

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