Is it appropriate or licit to have a slide show while in darkness during the Easter vigil?


During the Easter vigil, the congregation was treated to a slide show, showing such artistic pics of the red sea parting as one example (to help us understand the readings better).

Is this allowed at the Vigil?


It’s likely not covered by any rubric still in force so it’s probably licit. Appropriate? That’s open to debate.


I usually find such things to be rather tacky.

However I have to admit that I kind of wish our parish had a screen so that we could actually SEE the baptisms at the Easter Vigil.


Two things, the third edition of the missal indicates that all the lights are to come on after the deacon sings the last “the light of Christ at the altar”
but as far as the slide show, if done tastefully, there is nothing that prohibits doing so.


Allowed? Well, I don’t think it’s prohibited. But to answer the question in the title, no it’s not appropriate. The Easter Vigil is one of the most solemn Masses in the Church calendar. Any attempt to circumvent that or trivialize it is inappropriate.


Liturgical law is positive, meaning that it specifies what IS to be done, NOT what is prohibited. IOW, if it’s not in the rubrics or an accompanying instruction, it’s not to be done. Things do tend to get out of hand, of course, when it comes to “modern” liturgical practices, and so we have various Instructions, such as Redemptionis Sacramentum, which go a bit further in specifying certain practices which are reprobated. But, just because something isn’t banned in a specific Instruction, doesn’t mean that it’s actually permitted. For example, no instruction that I know of says that naked or even scantily clad dancers are forbidden at Mass. Does that mean they’re allowed? Of course not.


You mean we aren’t allowed to breath during Mass? Nulla poena sine lege.


I don’t think it’s appropriate. The Easter vigil is a solemn liturgical event, not entertainment. I find it hard to believe that someone would have to see a slide show of the red sea parting in order to understand it better.


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