Is it appropriate to worship Mary?


It seems to me that more and more Catholics seem to be worshipping Mary as opposed to praying to Mary to carry our petitions to Jesus. Some people question why we pray to Mary - why not pray directly to Jesus. Is it appropriate to worship Mary?


Dear Big,

Acknowledging God to be who He is constitutes worship. Only God, therefore can truly be worshipped. We do not acknowledge Mary to be God. We revere her and love her for the holy mother that she is. We give her no more honor than God Himself has given her. No other human being has ever been honored to the degree that Mary has by God. We simply treat her as Jesus treats her: as our holy Mother whom He gave to the whole human race when from the cross, He gave her to the apostle John.

We ask her to pray for us just as we ask each other for prayer. To ask someone to pray for me does not put that person in competition with Jesus. All prayer goes through Him anyway. But the more people are praying, the more love is happening. We are a part of each other in that we are all members of the Body of Christ. It’s all about love. (Jn 20:26-27)

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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