Is it better to pray outloud or in silence?

I would like to know if it’s better to pray out loud or in silence? Which way does God hear our prayers the most? A given time of day too? Any tips would help. What have you experienced as far as noticing that your prayers got answered?

Being praying for something over a year now and prayer has not been yet answered. Thought maybe I could research and see what is the best way to get my prayer answered?


There is no best way to prayer other than from the heart. Our prayers being answered depends not on what words we use or what time of day we pray. God always hears our prayers and does always answer them. The “problem” is that He answers them in the manner that is best for us, and that is not always necessarily the answer we’re looking for.

I suggest praying on whatever issue it is that is of concern to you, but then also pray for the grace to see the answer that God is giving you.

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