Is it better to restrict immigration or to allow more of it?

Is it a prudential issue?

You do not differentiate between legal and illegal immigration in your post . It is certainly prudent to restrict illegal ( and legal ) immigration . A sovereign nation state has a right and an obligation to control it’s borders , and one of the ways of doing that is through immigration laws ( standards ) and their enforcement . If the USA had a better handle ( more control ) on illegal immigration , we could have more robust ( numerous ) legal immigration . IOW , it is a matter of prudence .

How could a sovereign nation state remain a sovereign nation state if it can not control it’s own borders ?

My concern with the issue is the poverty of most people in Mexico, even though the wealthy are making tons of money. If you think America has income disparity, take a look at Mexico: her natural resources, blessings as a nation, have been sucked up by the elite.

When ordinary and poor Mexicans leave (for America and other places), it is a pressure relief valve on the Mexican political system. The elites can just keep taking and taking.

Our innocent acceptance of illegal Mexican immigration only serves in the long run, to promote Mexican poverty and an evil economic structure. Some kind of velvet revolution is needed in Mexico.

Yes, this is a prudential issue.

5 part strategy:

  1. Close off our border
  2. Start taking illegal immigration seriously and do what is necessary to crack down.
  3. Make the process of legal immigration much easier to get through and allow lots more immigrants in every year. Legal immigration needs to be more appealing then illegal immigration.
  4. Take a humane and charitable approach to the illegal immigrants that are already here. Whether we like the idea or not we may have to let them all stay and provide a process towards legal status for them with a cut-off period after which anyone still with illegal status is deported.
  5. Put pressure on Mexico to get its business together so that people aren’t immigrating because that is simply the only way they can feed their families. Whether Mexico likes it or not their problem is becoming our problem and we should do what is necessary to handle it. At the end of the day this is the true source of the problem and where a lasting solution can be found.

From a morality standpoint, a nation cannot restrict immigration because of greed. From an economic standpoint, liberal immigration policies are almost always better ( history is quite clear on this point). There are cultural considerations which can also be brought to bear, for instance there is no problem morally restricting Islamic immigration, IMO.

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