Is it blasphemy?

To where your Rosary on your wrist like a bracelt…

I know this is sort of mundane but I had to ask

I don’t think it’s blasphemy (exactly) but it is certainly not the right place for it since it is not a piece of jewelry. I had a buddy who used to wear his around his neck and I stayed on his case about it, especially since he hardly ever prayed it. Some folks treat it like jewelry or a good luck charm which (to my mind) would be more like unto blasphemy. There are always great crucifixes and medals that can be worn around the neck or on a bracelet. I personally wear the Miraculous Medal because I am consecrated Militia Immaculata.

I love my Rosary and I pray it almost daily and miss it when I fail to.

I also have fallen in love with the Divine Mercy Chaplet which also uses the Rosary beads. The Rosary is a beautiful and powerful form of prayerful meditation on the 20 mysteries of the life of Christ. I HIGHLY recommend it. More info at these sites:

it might be a cultural thing too. I live near a heavily Latino neighborhood and in this neighborhood it is very common to see people wearing rosaries around their necks. I don’t see how this is much different than wearing a crucifix or medal around your neck. the only drawback is that it is hard to actually use the rosary to pray if you have it around your neck. But it certainly isn’t blasphemy. It only gets into blasphemy territory when the rosary is worn only as jewelry and with an unchaste outfit and behavior (think Madonna in the 80s - she wore rosaries and little else in her videos.)

It could actually be a convenient thing. Then you have your rosary with you wherever you go. You never know when you might have a few minutes to stop and pray a decade or five.

Yes it mostly there for a reminder…I try to not start a fashion craze

I’m not sure what the Church’s stance is on this practice. I do know that a sacramental should not be used in any way to defame its purpose. I know of several people who wear a rosary ring and a few as necklaces. In one sense I believe it’s an outward affirmation to Catholicism and it may also deter the wearer from giving into the occasions of sin if the person is aware of its presence.

I have numerous booklets on the rosary and in SOME of them it says that the Blessed Virgin Mary instructed us to pray it often and to even wear it around our neck.

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