Is it considered scrupulous to abstain from Communion when in mortal sin?


Is it considered scrupulous to obstain from communion when you are aware of sin and need to go to confession? It is my understanding that it is profane to receive the Body of Christ when you are aware of mortal sin. I simply need to foster enough courage to go to confession. Thanks and god bless your ministry.


Dear On,

We are obliged not to receive the Eucharist when in the state of mortal sin. To do so would be another sin; the sin of sacrilege. Get yourself to Confession. If you were in the danger of death, you would waste no time in availing yourself of that sacrament. The fact is, how do you know that you aren’t in the danger of death? Be prepared. Besides, the Lord diserves your contrition and repentence. He went through a lot to provide you with such an opportunity. You matter to Him. You will find such love no where esle!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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