Is it dangerous to be friends with people who practice wicca or voodoo

My best friend practices voodoo and another friend of mine practices Wicca. Is it spiritually dangerous to hang out with them because I’ve heard conflicting things from people.

Yes. Full stop. Be cordial and Christian in dealings, of course with everyone you come across, but pray for them. But they will eventually cause you to doubt what you know to be true. I notice by your threads that you are very keen to learn about Catholicism. This is proof that the prince of lies is coming after you by throwing roadblocks in your spiritual path.
As I said, pray for them, but walk away.
God bless you.


So should I only be close friends with practicing Catholics?

How secure are you in your own faith.

I’m not going to stop being catholic. Ever.

As much as I appreciate you trying to be friends with people…we are influenced/ known by the company we keep. And no you should not be friends with just Catholics. But perhaps being prudent in this regard is especially important.


My friend who does voodoo rarely brings it up. But the Wicca guy has an upside down pentagram on his window before you walk into his house and honestly I don’t care how nice he is I don’t feel comfortable going there despite that we play music together from time to time

I wouldn’t open my self up to this. You can be friends, but I certainly wouldn’t “hang” with them. Remember, we treat all with Christian charity. Those who are anti Christian should not be in our close circles.


Then don’t. Your guardian angel is trying to tell yous something.

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So should I just not return his calls or slowly break off

What if you had an honest discussion about your concerns?

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You’re dating???

No he’s just a close friend is all. Definitely not gay

Sorry, I don’t know if you are male or female.
I just think that an adult can voice their concerns when they have them, or they can just not be terribly available if they don’t care to hang out.
It’s not so hard.
That’s just life. We don’t hit it off with every person we meet.
Just be cordial when you cross paths. And again, pray for them.

JUST do NOT in any way even let them even talk to you about these subjects. It only takes one little opening for the devil to work his way in.

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No. But come on. Voodoo? Wiccan? What kind of friendship could you have with them that would make you think that either of those is compatible with Catholicism?

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Another thing is, what if yoy guys fight or have an argument? What are they capable of? Might seem far fetched, but I come from a country where in some places, there are people engaginf in the occult who are known to be putting spells or curses on their enemies. Just saying.

Right. God can certainly protect you from evil spirits. However, the more you grow in your faith, thr less you’ll have in common with unbelievers. So, although I wouldn’t be worried about your friends beheading a chicken or lighting candles to the Lord and the Lady, I suspect your friendship will naturally wither.

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