Is it degrading/condescending to refer to a woman as 'female'?


Sure! But, I was using ‘this female’ to solely protect her identity. I guess I could have used a declared alias, perhaps.


Nope, is it so to call them women? If so then it would be degrading to call men men or males.

Because men and males are a part of women and females.

fe + male = female
wo + man = woman


Or said “woman” or “lady.”


Why of course. No woman wants to be called an ironman. That guy has a doochebag personality. (Fe = periodic table symbol for Iron)


I predict that within 5 years the term “female” will be considered obscene. Then we’ll be free to use it regularly.


FACT: Tony Stark is the biggest monster in the MCU.


No, but it seems rude.


It can be understood as reductive. Put simplistically, it is incomplete; a female what? It is easy to substitute something non-human. Also consider that within some groups using “female” is always used to refer to women and it’s intended to minimize our humanity.
Do you typically use the word “woman?” If you do, fine. If one doesn’t, ask yourself why.


I usually use “ma’am” if I don’t know their name.


Different context. You are addressing someone in person so ma’am is appropriate. But if someone says, for example, “the females in the room,” versus “the women in the room.”


I would probably use the term “those who reject me” or “ladies.”


It depends on the context. “Women” is less impersonal than “females”. “Females” sounds like something a ranger would say when talking about a herd of antelope.




The use of male or female is not denigrating at all unless someone is just looking to take offence and cause an argument.
This political correctness is completely out of control. I use both words frequently.


As in, she’s a female woman. Wait a minute. This could be a useful way to refer to real women.

But the problem is more in the listener. Crucifying you without first finding out why you used the term is typical liberal behaviour. Hang around nicer people?


I think it depends how the word is used. For example if you’re saying it to refer to my gender, like, “ she’s female”, no. However, Inhave heard a few people use it in this manner “ I was speaking to this female and she blah, blah” or “ What was that female thinking”. I think this last way of using the word is a bit degrading. It makes me feel like just an animal lol! Why can’t one say “ woman” or “ girl “ instead?


??? Really? If someone called me a “male” I would think nothing of it because I am a male.

I’m fine being called a man, gentleman, male, dude, homey, bro, boy, homeboy, guy, dawg, dad, daddy, father, dada, etc.

I really don’t don’t see the big deal, but perhaps that’s just the difference between men and women? :thinking: I honestly don’t care as long as someone isn’t obviously being mean spirited, or truly slanderous. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Like my dad always said, “you can call me anything, just don’t call me late for dinner”! :nerd_face:


Oh, I see. It’s an offense against the new gender ideology. There is no male nor female. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As St Paul pointed out.


Which might explain why scholars call his letters Pauline. :thinking:

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