Is it disgraceful to leave novena prayers without finishing it?

These days, I’m feeling very “disconnected” from God.; and even when doing novena prayers, I feel like I’m just rambling empty words. This happens from time to time. I didn’t do any rosary prayers either,yesterday.

I want to keep praying for others but thought I’m asking way too many times for myself (it’s really needed though) and so, I want to quit it. Well, I have almost - I didn’t do it the previous day.

Am I breaking rules here?

No, if you need to take a break, take one.

It may be that you set your prayer goals too high or should choose another form of prayer.


@Tis_Bearself Like what other forms, if I you’ll please tell me about them? I do rosary prayers and the Divine Mercy chaplet prayers everyday. Others are short consecration prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and, Three Hail Mary’s.

I think my prayers goals aren’t too high or ambitious. Many intentions are similar to what our fellow Catholic members post here. I don’t just ask for it to God, I try hard to tackle/fulfill them, but I’m left utterly powerless and helpless. The only option I have is turning to God.

You shouldn’t use what other Catholics do as the yardstick for yourself. You have two choices: either buckle down and keep trying to do the prayers you chose, or pick another prayer form.
You can pray in your own words.
You can read Scripture.
You can pick one short prayer and focus on saying it really well and devoutly every day.
You can just sit and think about God in your life.

And yes, we’re all powerless and helpless and can’t do anything without God’s help.


Maybe you could try either the rosary or Divine Mercy. I find even if I can’t concentrate on the mystery very well, saying the prayers is still helpful. There’s a rythm to them that’s comforting. Don’t feel like you have to do them perfectly. Maybe just have a conversation with Jesus and Mary. Pray as you can, not as you can’t.

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Well, sometimes I force myself into long novenas or other prayers even when I’m not wanting to and end up feeling even more “disconnected” . But then, short prayers don’t offer me any sense of peacefulness either. It always has to be a long one like the rosary prayers.

I guess, I should take a break sometimes , like @Tis_Bearself said. I was thinking about starting Divine Mercy novena but haven’t, fearing I’ll just end up with a “nothing-ness”. :no_mouth:

Sounds like you definitely need a break.

God can read and in your own words just tell Him what is bothering you.

What blessed relief will come…i would talk to God instead of formal novenas andlisten to the Holy Spirit.


May I suggest looking into liturgy of the hours? I have found it to be wonderful.

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You’re not breaking any rules. The Church doesn’t teach that you have to pray a rosary or novenas. But it’s not spiritually healthy to fall into indifference. I think it’s common for people to go through periods of dryness, despair. I know I have. But I have to remind myself that it’s not God putting that on my heart. Why would God want me to stop praying? Pray anyway…tell Jesus what you’re feeling or not feeling and ask Him to help you pray the best you can. Just keep praying. Don’t worry about feelings. Faith and feelings are 2 different things.

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Thank you very much , I shall have a look into that.

I welcome any ideas and suggestions, and I’ve found a lot “recommendation/suggestions” offered here to be so very helpful.

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I get myself into similar situations sometimes, adding a lot of novenas, etc to my plate and struggling to keep up. I’ve found I truly enjoy the times when I just sit and talk to God, with no rubric or list of prayers to follow. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from novenas and just talk to God. Or read the Bible. I’ve recently started transcribing the Bible. I don’t know if I’ll ever finish, but it is a calming process for me that lets me really focus on what’s written, and it has become my favorite way to meditate on God’s word.


I’m not sure if I’ll get reamed for saying this on a Catholic forum, but when I slack off on a Novena and drop a consecutive day or two (or more), I just pick up where I left off. I think/hope our Creator has much greater transgressions to worry about.

My unorthodox advice is to continue uttering what you think are “empty words.” The intent to reach out in prayer is there, and He knows it. :slight_smile:


Why would anyone object to what you said?

I’ve done the same, especially when the novena is well over 9 days. A novena spread out over 40 days or 54 days is almost always going to run up against stuff happening in my life.


I never know sometimes . . .

I’ve limited my prayers to just a hearty conversation with the Lord for now . I did the rosary prayers today even though I didn’t want to because I feel selfish when I can’t spare a moment praying for others.

A little bit off topic, can I start the Divine Mercy Novena any day? I’ve heard that we do it beginning from the Good Friday. Would it have less significance if it’s done on random days?

You can start the Divine Mercy novena at any time. Starting it on Good Friday only means that the novena ends right at Divine Mercy Sunday. If you want to pray this novena there is no reason to wait months to start!

You can always pray it again beginning on Good Friday if you want to later.

Edited to add: I am getting ready to start a Divine Mercy novena myself. I will include you as one of my daily intentions for the novena, @sorrowful1.


Thank you so much @Peonies !!! :pray::pray::pray:

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I can relate to your post, massively.

Take a break, don’t put any pressure on yourself. Just chat to God throughout the day. Also why don’t you just sit down with your bible during the day. No pressure, just open it, pick a passage, from one of the Gospels or a Psalm for example, just read it, and if something strikes a chord just meditate on it. Listen to God’s word that way.

If nothing jumps out at you don’t worry. Just try again some time.

You clearly have the desire, so don’t worry, the zest will come back again.

Also, yes you can pray the DM novena anytime :slight_smile:

God Bless x

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