Is it disrespectful to talk about the Eucharist as food?

In the past Iève heard people say some bad things about how the Eucharist tastes like.Ive disagreed with what they say.However would it be disrespectful andor degrading the Eucharist if I talk about how it taste like?.

Not per se. I guess if you said it disrespectfully then it would be disrespectful, but one thing that priests/sacristans often consider in selecting the bread and, especially, the wine for the Eucharist is the taste. There’s no point pretending that the elements of the Eucharist have no taste – if you make a big deal about it, your priorities may be a little off, though.

Christ’s “Body is True Food” and His “Blood is True Drink”, so talking about it as food shouldn’t be disrespectful :slight_smile:

Care I guess should be taken so that the taste of the elements is not distracting. If people are complaining about the taste, then maybe a different product might be selected so that people focus more on the True Nature of what they are consuming.

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