Is it disrespectful


…to write a fictional story about angels?


as long as you stay close to the Catholic teaching :slight_smile:

but is it alright?

I’m asking cause I love to write fiction, and I have this idea about a story, and it involves angels. It’s about a girl and her guardian angel.

do you think the Church would be alright with this, as long as I don’t include anything wrong or heretical or new age, but stick close to the Catholic beliefs? the characters and situations are entirely fictional though.

thanks :slight_smile:


hmm I hope I haven’t asked this question before… I don’t remember :o


Why wouldn’t it be alright?


One of the best television shows was Touched by an Angel. I agree with Lainey63 why not?


I tend to be scrupulous sometimes :o
I’m glad it’s alright :slight_smile:


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