Is It Dreams or Is it A Vision


I am having frequent dreams where I am going to a catholic mass either here and in Mexico. I’ve also had dreams of Jesus. Is it His way of trying to contact me or get a hold of me?


i wouldn’t put too much weight into dreams. While it is true that God has used dreams in the past to communicate with people (to Joseph, Mary’s husband, explaining the circumstances around Mary’s pregnancy; also when telling Joseph and Mary to flee into Egypt to escape King Herod’s slaughtering of the Holy Innocents).

Chances are if you have any reasonable doubt, it’s a dream not worth reading into. If God really wanted to contact you He will use additional methods to more surely gather your attention.


My dear friend

It’s important to note that nothing happens without involvement from God because everything depends on God to even exist, let alone do anything. I think your dreams are caused by God in this instance and it’s because our Lord is calling you into a deeper relationship with Himself. Shouldn’t be surprising either- He loves you insanely.

May God bless you abundantly:thumbsup::slight_smile:



I also think these dreams are from God.


Are they dreams or visions? … I don’t know. But I do know that God can speak to us through simply normal dreams as well.

I can remember the first thing I ever asked God for had to do with dreams. I was six years old and had been having a steady stream of nightmares. I wasn’t Christian at the time, and I didn’t know much about God, but I called to Him, thanked Him for everything I could think of, and then asked Him to let me have a good dream that night. It was a long time before I had another nightmare. He showed His Love to me on that peaceful night.

More recently, I had a dream - just a normal dream - which St. Dominic Savio happened to be a character in. He was upset, I was consoling him, and I remember calling him “Dominic”. That’s it. Not “Dominic Savio”, or “St. Dominic Savio”, or anything; just “Dominic”. It was like he was my friend. I’d never really thought about a saint like that; not really. Sure, for apologetic purposes I’d say that they’re like friends in heaven who pray for us, but I’d never internalized what that could mean. Now whenever I pray to St. Dominic Savio, I skip the “formalities” and simply call him Dominic. God revealed the Communion of Saints to me in greater depth that night.

Dreams don’t have to be visions for God to speak to us through them. Personally, I think that adds to our God! :thumbsup:


That’s really, really neat, judechild. Those are lovely accounts; thanks for sharing them.


About 12 or so years ago, I wrote to a holy priest (now deceased) for spiritual guidance. He had a charismatic gift of healing, however, he was not involved with the charismatic movement. He was familiar or I should say experienced in the spiritual life and it was part of his mission to teach people to become saints. We are all called to be saints. Anyway, among the things I asked about were a few dreams that I had had. Most of the time I don’t remember my dreams, but there were a few that I remembered vividly and were of a spiritual nature. But I would say that I had more dreams that were frightenly satanic than heavenly. But they all involved prayer. Concerning the develish ones, all that I could do was pray. I had no control with whatever was happening with my body or emotion but my mind was free. And concerning the better dreams, I was either asked to pray or was compelled to pray for someone in particular. One dream started off as a sort of nonsense dream. There was a couple apparently not married dressed in 40’s style clothing and they looked so much in love. I shouted at them, “Are you two ever going to get married?” The man seemed to have left the dream and came over to my bedside, took my hand and said, “I want you to pray for me before and after my birth date, November 23rd” I said, “What?” I was wondering if I heard him correctly and why he said birth date instead of birthday. He repeated it exactly as I first heard him" And then I woke immediately, my heart pounding. I remembered his face was strangely smooth and without a wrinkle or any hair. Fr Luke’s response to me what what you said- We should not put too much emphasis on dreams because we cannot know exactly what they mean- but it never hurts to pray for someone. I prayed for this unknown for over a year.


What a beautiful dream! God bless you!


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