Is it easier to have a marrage nullified if we were never married in the church?

My ex husband and I were married by a judge and divorced 2 years later. We have 2 children from this union. We have been divorced for 15 years. I am remarried going on 5 years and my husband is converting to catholosism. We would like our marrage blessed by by a priest as soon as possible as I am not able to receive communion until we do, and he will receive his first communion around Easter. Will it be faster or easier to get the first marrage nullified since we weren’t married in the church?

If either you or your ex-husband were Catholic at the time of your civil wedding then your marriage would be invalid. Catholics are obligated by canon law to be married in the Church. What you need to do is provide your parish priest with the following documents:

  1. a current copy of your baptismal certificate
  2. a copy of your civil marriage
  3. a copy of your civil divorce

Those documents will establish that your first marriage was outside the Church and therefore invalid. This will mean that you are now free to marry in the Church.

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