Is it even possible for JPII to appear in a bonfire?


that a pope may appear in a bonfire and issue a blessing from beyond the grave? i heard that just this such thing happened at a bonfire in memorial of pope John Paul the second. i saw the pic, and it was compared to him holding his staff and issuing a blessing when alive…it looked just like, is it even possible?


All things are possible to God. But, is it probable? Examine how God, who cannot change, usually works. Are we seeing such apparitions all over the world? Is there any official knowledge of, or interest in this alleged event? Imagine the chance of someone just happening to have a camera pointed at the campfire just as the apparition appears. Also, it looks so much like a picture of JP2, it could be that same picture. Software programs such as Photoshop have lead to many such deceptions. Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary are so rare and infrequent as to be a once in a lifetime event, if even that. At this point, it doesn’t pass the sniff test, even if theoretically possible…

Christ’s peace be always with you.


After seeing your post I did a google search to see if I could find what you were talking about.

I came arcoss the images mainly this:

Honestly I think people are seeing what they want to see… I won’t doubt that the flames look “manish” but to say it’s the pope is way over the top in my opinion.

I showed my hubby the images. I didn’t tell him about the article or what others thought. I just showed him the images and asked him what do you think.

He just shooked his head and said NO, NO, NO there’s no way those flames are the pope. I said that is what the article said and show him the article.

After looking it over he said People are just seeing what they want to see.


That is also something my hubby said to me… He said “I bet the picture has been digitally altered.”


According to the article I read, the picture was taken in Poland at an event commemorating the anniversary of JPII’s death, and snapped at the exact time of his passing. Not going to be recognized by the Church, I’m sure. But still makes you go hmmm…


This raises even more suspicion. Why a bonfire to commemorate him? How could the camera be at just the right angle to get the perfect shot? It’s not a symmetrical image, so it would have that appearance only when viewed at the exact angle that the camera’s lens was positioned at. No video? Wouldn’t you have video of such a miraculous event, especially if such was expected? We have video of Al Qaeda beheadings, how come not of a pre-planned event such as this? Wonderful to think about, but it’s like Evangelical Christianity-must proof be seen in either printed word (or printed photo) before belief follows? Where’s the faith headed if proofs must always be seen? “Blessed are those who have not seen, and have believed.”

Christ’s peace!


well if he really wanted to be seen, dont you think he would appear so that he could be? i.e. towards the only device available to capture his pic?


I guess on my side we have TBN and tele-evangelists and on yours you have people convinced they see Saint “X” on tortilla shells and on doors or, of course, the pope in a flame.

BTW, not so sure the pope would choose this medium (flames) to appear in.


:slight_smile: You and my hubby must be on the same wave link… because he just said that to me: “Why would the pope use fire?” :shrug:


Amen brother! :thumbsup: Although I’m sure I once saw Elvis in the woodgrain on a kitchen cabinet. I heard he was never far from the fridge…

Christ’s peace.


Well, if he was blessing the camera in front, what was he saying to the one behind??? (Rhetorical).


Of course it’s possible, I have a few pictures like that


People are going to see what they want to see, no matter what. Personally, I don’t see it at all, and don’t understand the fascination so many have with JP2. But that’s just me. YMMV.


Even if the photo is unaltered, it’s the same as seeing shapes in clouds, and by no means the result of anything supernatural. :shrug:

Possible? Sure!

Likely? Meh…


I agree. Probably more of a “seeing what you want to see” than anything.

Jimmy Akin noted recently that someone else might see a picture of Saddam from “beyond the grave” too…



People say they seen cloud in a shape of angels, dogs, people, hearts. I have my doubts about this image. I posted in another thread concerning this. If the flame move and talk in Polish like JPII then its a miracle… I don’t think it is a miracle. There were no healings, etc…


Would not flames equal hades?

Luke 16


Sorry not even close.


Isn’t God’s Love like a purifying fire?

I bet Israel, as she escaped from Egypt, did not think that flames equal hades!!!


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