Is it fair the in California they are pressuring children to learn about homosexuality history?

Well I have seen on the news that they are trying to enforce it to where children have to learn about homosexuality history in school. Is it fair for children to be brainwashed into thinking that they should be thinking anti-Catholic beliefs?

And while on this topic, I heard a little bit about them teaching in kindergarten male, female, and transgenders? I do not know much about that but I have been kind of wondering what they really did.

Thank you for reading.

It is not fair. It is an abuse of government to propagate lifestyle behavior that was considered an abomination only 50 years ago.

It may prompt parents to home school and use private schools more. This may finally open the door to school vouchers. When this happens, a lot of good changes will follow.

We need to stop teaching homosexual history, or black history, or women history, or mexican american history and just teach HISTORY…if a woman did something important in history TEACH IT. if a gay person did something important TEACH IT…schools need to stop trying to make our children what the state wants them to be…give them the facts and let them be who they are.

California is circling the drain. There is no hope for any state so overwhelmingly dominated by the political left. You get the government you deserve.

I think that is what California law does. It simply requires that certain population groups (women, entrepreneurs, Latinos etc) be mentioned while teaching history.

I absolutely agree with that.

With this logic, the state can dictate any and all aspects of classroom education.
But what about the parents rights to decide and determine what their own precious children are exposed to, especially when these same parents pay the taxes to fund the state and the school system.

Your weak statement is irrational at best. It is time for parents to re-take their proper role.

The gay agenda is about indoctrinating children. The reason is simple, their behavior is not blessed by almighty God with procreation. They have to rob children from real parents.

Back when I was in school our history classes never got much past the 1950s. The books had chapters for the later decades; we just never made it that far.

Following that model… I am guessing there is probably not that much “openly gay” history prior to the 1970s. Maybe classes just won’t make it that far by the end of the year.

By the way, I am in California, and we are sending our child to a private school for kindergarten. The “social studies” curriculum includes things like learning to place countries on a map, learning about composers and artists, and learning to count in other languages. I’m not sure if the stuff you’ve heard about what the public schools here teach in kindergarten is widespread; I’ll try to ask some other parents. I am in the central valley, which is a totally different culture from portions of the coast which are perhaps more familiar to non-Californians.

Well, it is history. So to be mentioned, yes. To in any way state a claim that this is in any way some fabulous lifestyle or to further perpetuate this grandiose etc etc. NO

Homosexuality History? What exactly is the curriculum?

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