Is it good or bad for a Christian to be politically correct?

It seems that such a teaching which is “not to be politically correct” is spreading among Protestants. The following link says something like for example, Sola Fide(Faith Only teaching) is offensive to Jews, but a Christian should keep doing it even if it offends. I guess Catholics could do the same and say their truth even if offending Protestants on the way by saying “we are the original church”, I guess that should be tolerated. But people could misinterpret it, they may say curse words and demeaning words in order to win people over. Here’s the link contradicting politcal correctness:

But I have read in the Bible, it even says “Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother or sister to fall into sin, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause them to fall.” Also my signature, as below this message, says that “opponents should be instructed gently”. So I thought a Christian should be “politically correct”. Am I right?

Well, there has to be a balance. As Ephesians 4:15 points out, we are to speak the truth – in love.

We must stand up for the truth that Christ has brought us but at the same time be sensitive to the emotions of others.

It depends on what you mean by politically correct. We should not be crass or rude, but we must still uphold the truth. It is politically correct to say that gay marriage is a good thing, but it is espousing a lie to say it is even possible in the Catholic context of marriage. The truth should be spoken out of love and not used as a bludgeon.

Note that even PC speech can be used as a bludgeon so don’t be fooled that the concept of politically correct is meant to not offend. Perhaps at one time, but not in the current acerbic climate.

Originally PC had some good points. It has now become increasingly a way for the left to silence people that do not conform to their views. It is now behond the point of being ridiculous.


I saw this thread and I was wondering, who came up with political correctness or when and where did the modern idea of political correctness originate? Also, is there any definition of what political corretness is or is it a concept with no authority in charge of defining it like feminism?

It is good to be politically correct, as long as accuracy and truth is not sacrificed for the sake of being PC. This is usually possible if one treats others as they wish to be treated. Look at all of our bishops. They speak out against many things, but do so in a way that is more substance with less rhetoric. The first verse that popped in my mind was to let your speech be as seasoned with salt. (though in this case salt is more likely to* lower* blood pressure.)

As practiced here in the People’s Republic, “political correctness” is simply cultural Nazism, where freedom of speech only applies to those who say the right thing, which usually has more to do with a political / cultural narrative, not the “truth.”

Political correctness comprises of lying about what is right and wrong, failing to recognise the limits some people have or to recognise or acknowledge the differences between different groups of people (for instance that men and women have as a rule different strengths and weaknesses), and suppressing the truth and those who speak it to avoid offending the super-sensitive. This has no connection to what Paul was talking about, which was rather about leading people into sin. Paul was saying that if eating meat that has been sacrificed to idols will lead a spiritually weaker person around you into idol worship, then you should not do it for the sake of your weaker brother. The context of “offend” here is more like “causing to offend”.

The Christian thing to do is speak with love. I don’t think it’s appropriate to be using language that is insulting or demeaning. That doesn’t mean espousing lies. So, for example, I don’t think it’s appropriate to say “that’s gay” or to jokingly call people (a bundle of twigs) or to use worse language for ethnic minorities or people with intellectual disabilities. That language brings people down and devalues the person himself. That said, we obviously should not hold back from speaking a moral truth, phrased kindly, even if others find it offensive. For example: “There is no such thing as a same-sex martiage” or “homsexual acts are immoral.”

Unfortunately, people seem to equate everything said above under the umbrella of “political correctness” and, even if they are, treat everything under that umbrella as if it’s automatically a bad thing.

There is a far cry from being correct and being politically correct. I would not say the bishops are politically correct I would say they are charitably correct speaking the truth in love.

I remember a few months back on the news. A woman in the California legislature tried to pass a political correct bill for State documents. Banning the word husband, wife, he, she. Thereby banning all mention of gender of any kind. I don’t know if it passed, I assume it didn’t.

You make a distinction based on one definition. I was using the way I have heard the word, as an excuse to depart from charity.

Could you give me an example of an excuse to depart from charity, I don’t follow you?

What is “politically correct”? I mean, is there a book out there like “Political Correctness for All United States Citizens”? It seems like everybody automatically knows this and I have no idea how the “correct” words and phrases are being spread.

I try to be polite and civil. That works for me. Sure, I’ve found myself in a few situations (I talk to a lot of different people) where their language use level means I don’t try to talk “above their heads” or impress them with my knowledge. If anything, I’ve learned that answering the question is usually what they want, not a long-winded speech. Something that doesn’t go on and on but gives them the whole answer as brief or detailed, as needed.

So whatever politically correct means, I don’t use it, and I stay away from slang.


Perhaps I worded it poorly. I was referring to delivering insults and name-calling as a way to bash the courtesy of political correctness, or at least one definition of political correctness. As in, " I may not be politically correct for saying this, but Elbonians are the dumbest, laziest bunch of people here. The Elbs (I assume this would be a curse word for them), are ruining our country with their welfare, violence and invasion from the sky.

I trying to avoid politics.

Maybe English is the problem then.

I rather admire Donald Trump’s utter disregard for politically correct speech. I believe it will have a net positive effect on American politics.

But religion isn’t American politics. Religion is religion and so if we all we have to do to keep the peace is avoid a certain tone (“Burn in hell, ye sinners!!”) or avoid particular words (eg, “non-believer” rather than “heathen” or some other offensive term), it’s worth doing. We shouldn’t water down our doctrines but there’s no harm in showing a bit of sensitivity since we’re potentially talking about peoples’ souls here. If we’re trying to reach people for the Lord, non-believers aren’t our enemies. But they will be enemies if we treat them like enemies.

We should never measure what is Divinely moral by the social yardstick. It was politically correct to murder the Jews in Nazi Germany. Even the justification of man’s laws are to be measured by God’s laws. Prime example today where the ruler is thrown out is abortion and AS.

We should not censor the truth because of political correctness. Political correctness is used to suppress dissidents. We should not let that happen to us.

Political correctness is ALL ABOUT helping people into sin.

Can’t be against abortion, that’s not PC.
Can’t be against homosexual acts. That’s not PC.
Can’t be against artificial contraception, that’s not PC.

Our duty is to not be politically correct. We have a duty to be morally correct, and lovingly correct.

Jesus was the polar opposite of politically correct. Political correctness is meant to keep people complacent. Like when He called Herod a “fox”, which, in those times, was equivalent to calling someone a b*stard.

As Fulton Sheen put it, “Jesus did not come to make us nice. He came to make us new.”

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