Is it good to hate this life?

John 12:25 (New International Version)

“The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life.”

No. That would make for a very long, and hate-filled life. :hmmm:

But just think about the glory in Heaven! This life provides me with little comfort and my mind is constantly on the Hereafter.

That is what I thought… you sounded like you have some depression problems, and you want to back it up by Scripture - careful with that, because if you try hard you can back up almost anything you want with Scripture!
Read: 1 Thessalonians 5:16
The book of Wisdom also says that God is the lover of life (2, 24).

Well, there are probably some issues in your life - do not worry, each one of us has some (me including - I have big issues, Jesus has been helping me with that), but that is another long topic, maybe find something on inner healing online, or read books on psychology and spirituality - maybe you can find something by Father DeGrandis SSJ ? (if I spelt his name correctly)

God bless,

I suffer from an anxiety disorder, depression and Asperger’s Syndrome. My only comfort comes from religion. I often find it spiritually uplifting to meditate on the Hereafter.

I also have mental health problems. Mine include Major depression, Dysthymia (a mild, chronic form of depresseion), Anxiety disorder, OCD and Borderline personality disorder with avoidant, dependent and paranoid tendencies.

On thing popped into my thoughts as I read your post. I don’t remember where it is, but Jesus said that we are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. In this case, I believe that what He is referring to is the type of love that takes care of the loved one.

. . . Many weak and foolish people, say, “See what a good life that man enjoys! He is so rich, so great, so powerful, so distinguished!” But raise your eyes to the riches of Heaven, and you will see that all the riches of this world are as nothing. All are uncertain and even burdensome, for they are never enjoyed without some anxiety or fear. The happiness of man does not consist in abundance of this world’s goods, for a modest share is sufficient for him. The more spiritual a man desires to become, the more bitter does this present life grow for him, for he sees and realizes more clearly the defects and corruptions of human nature. For to eat and drink, to wake and sleep, to rest and labour, and to be subject to all the necessities of nature is a great trouble and affliction to the devout man, who would rather be released and set free from all sin.

The inner life of man is greatly hindered in this life by the needs of the body. Thus, the Prophet devoutly prays that he may be set free from them, saying, “Lord, deliver me from my necessities!” Woe to those who refuse to recognize their own wretchedness, and doubly woe to those who love this miserable and corruptible life! For some cling so closely to it, that although by working or begging they can hardly win the bare necessities, they would yet be willing to live here for ever if it were possible, caring nothing for the Kingdom of God. 

How crazy and lacking in faith are such people, who are so deeply engrossed in earthly affairs that they care for nothing but material things! These unhappy wretches will at length know to their sorrow how vile and worthless were the things that they loved. But the Saints of God and all the devoted friends of Christ paid little heed to bodily pleasures, nor to prosperity in this life, for all their hopes and aims were directed towards those good things that are eternal. Their whole desire raised them upward to things eternal and invisible, so that the love of things visible could not drag them down. My brother, do not lose hope of progress in the spiritual life; you have still time and opportunity . . . 

–The Imitation of Christ, Book 1, Chapter 22 Thomas A Kempis

Thanks for sharing that!

Yes it’s good to hate this life. It keeps you fixed on Heaven and free from the dangers of worldliness and befriending the world.

Honey, you’re not dead, yet. Nobody knows what’s beyond this life. You can choose to spend it however you wish to, but remember: For all we know, the afterlife can simply be the state of the unborn.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

The Golden Key to Heaven
by Saint Anthony Mary Claret

The death of the just: Death will reach everyone, the good and the bad; but the destiny of each one is quite different. The just man sees himself in this valley of tears as a prisoner, serving a very hard term. He considers himself a slave in this world, suffering an extremely distressing servitude. He regards himself a sailor caught in a horrible storm. And as death means an end of his confinement, an end of his slavery, and is the port of his salvation, he ceases not to cry with David, “Woe is me that my sojourning is prolonged!. . .” (Ps. 119:5). He ceases not to ask with the Apostle, “. . . Who shall deliver me from the body of this death?” (Rom. 7:24)

So you are just going to jump off a plane without a parachute?:eek: Believe in God, for heaven’s sake!:wink:

No one really said I didn’t believe in God, but either way, I try to expect the unexpected.

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

But don’t set yourself up!

And I am so relieved to hear that no one really said you didn’t believe in God! That’s excellent!:thumbsup:

Your friend,

I was about to say the same thing to you.

I’ve had a pretty good life: family, friends, loyal animals, material stuff, you can’t possibly draw any conclusions about my spiritual well being based on the above.

Dear Blade and Blood,

But there is no danger in the least setting yourself up for heaven! You just love God and neighbor to the best of your ability and follow Christ and keep Church teaching - which is a very noble and reasonable thing to do. We are told their exists a Trinitarian God who rewards and punishes in the afterlife. What harm comes in keeping true to Him when you are instructed that and you believe that He is nothing but Truth and Love (my two favorite things in the world all in one trinity!)…just being at odds with the worldy world can be bothersome for some people. I could care less about the wordly world of self-promotion and disregard for a loving God that created me and the rest of the world.

Are you afraid of the competetive world and brutal people in the world and what they can do to harm you?

It doesn’t really make sense does it? If I HATED my life, why
would I want it to go on for eternity? But the truth is, a person
has the power to end their own hated life, if God gives it, but
they don’t realize that they cannot end their life in eternity.
Have you heard it said, “when I die, I will just cease to exist,
because it is my belief”. Our life does go on for eternity, in
one place or the other. Go with God.

If you read it correctly, it’s life in this world that we hate. We look forward to life in the Hereafter.

Yes, I agree with that. Jesus was talking of “worldly life”, a life ruled with selfishness and pride and slavery to sin. That kind of life we should not love but hate it so that we would develop in us a heavenly life, a life of humility, of kindness, justice…

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