Is it hard to commit mortal sin?


I have to be honest, I don’t even know if my sins are mortal or venial sometimes

I think examinations of consciences usualy list mortal sins but sometimes things can be venial, like not all lies are mortal, for example.

but then I’m confused, st. Augustine said that it’s better not to lie even if you would be saving a life, but it seems that type of lie would probably be a venial sin? not that we should make a habit of committing venial sins, I guess.

but it seems like most of the things I do wouldn’t fall under the category of grave matter, or am I just deceiving myself? there are certain saints that make it seems like one small wrong move is mortal sin.



There are countless threads about grave matter.
Your confessor can advise you on specifics.
Is deceiving yourself a sin? hmmmmm
Give yourself a break angel. Stop trying so hard to be wrong. At some point, you need to embrace joy. Or else it’s a long, disappointing life.
Just sayin’


This is a good explanation:

Especially comforting is the statement in the introduction that you cannot commit mortal sin by “accident.”


It is very easy to commit a mortal sin.

Although, one that it is easy for me could be hard for you and vice versa.


It really depends on the state of your soul. For the hardened sinner, it’s very easy, almost effortless, for a person who is continuously in sin, it’s easy, for a pious soul who prays often, frequents the sacraments, honors the Mother of God, believes the Church’s teaching, it’s much harder, and it would take a complete turning of the will towards it.

Such is the teaching of St. Alphonsus Liguori.

Benedicat Deus,


Mortal sin is easy to commit if we don’t pray. If we don’t pray, it is morally impossible to preserve good-will. And without good-will, our sins are likely to go from bad to worse.

On the contrary, if we pray frequently and receive the Sacraments often, asking God with trust for the grace of good-will, He will preserve us from many sins; and if we do fall, He will give us the grace to rise quickly, so that our sins do not become more serious.

Frances of the Mother of God, a very privileged soul, asked God to teach her what to do in order not to lose Him. Our Lord allegedly gave her this reply: ‘Love me unceasingly, and detach yourself from all that might hinder this.’

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