Is it heretical or even wrong for a Cath bishop to attend a non-Catholic ceremony?


In another forum a CAF member persists in his insistance that H.E. Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz of Lincoln Nebraska was wrong (possibly heretical) to attend the instalation of a Methodist bishop in NE.

Can we get a discussion here as to why it might be the case that in attending a non-Catholic service to demonstrate fraternity with other Baptized Christians - without assenting to beliefs they hold contrary to the Catholic faith or denying our own Catholic beliefs - might in fact NOT be heresy in and of itself?

Let’s discuss!


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The rules are a bit different for a bishop, because he is a principal of the Church. Attending a non-Catholic event can’t be construed as disobedient or schismatic, because he cannot disobey himself. In the same way it is treason for a subject to negotiate with the enemy in time of war, but it may be prudent for a monarch.


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