Is it immoral to be a bookie?


Yes I know the activity is illegal. But say for example, that a bookie wants to operate on the up and up by paying his fair share of taxes. He could do this by setting up a dummy corporation and profits from his bookmaking operations could be funneled into that corporation’s books. In this situation, the bookie would be paying taxes on all his earnings.


1899 The authority required by the moral order derives from God: “Let every person be subject to the overning authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore he who resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.”

So long as it’s illegal, it’s immoral as the governing authority has been put in place by God, though not necessarily elected. Therefore, breaking the authority’s law would be commiting a sin, unless of course it contrasts with His law (for example, the pharoh issuing a law that Hebrew newborns be killed in Exodus).


Firstly, there is the question of legality. If it is illegal in your State or Country, then, ipso facto, it is immoral as it is not an unjust law.
In Australia it is not illegal to be a bookmaker, however then you have to consider the morality of gambling. Gambling in itself is not immoral, however where as in a number of cases the odds are stacked against the punter eg two 00 on the roulette wheel, then one would have to question the morality of taking money from addicted gamblers.
State run Lottos seem to be a valid waste of your money, just like buying a coffee and cake before work. A silly luxury that allows the average person to dream a little, just like the expensive coffee is time off before the start of a hard day.
However to make a profit from mugs who may be spending on gambling the very money they should be supporting their family may be very morally dubious. I couldn’t do it myself but it up to the individual to come to grips with their own conscience.


Are there bookies in Australia, given that there’s a betting shop (tabs) on every other corner?


Well, even though it is technically illegal, this is one of those things that no one ever enforces, there are many cops, judges, people who work in the DAs office, in every city in the county that bet on games, and likely have their own bookies, just like some people have drug problems have their dealers number, other people have gambling problems and thus, have their bookies number saved, but as long as they maintain this addiction, it really is not a problem, its their money they are choosing to use this way, so…plus, its not really dangerous for anyone, or impairing them in anyway.

Its probably only illegal due to the lost revenue cities and states loose from legal betting, I dont see any other reason why it should actually be a crime, especially since cops, judges, prosecutors, etc take part in this ‘crime’

Id bet also, if any of these people were ever questioned about it, they would claim the bookie was actually a friend and just a personal wager between friends, so its hard to prove otherwise.

But to whether gambling is actually a sin, Id say if it becomes a problem and the person is using money meant for bills or something else to pay betting debts, then yes, that is likely a sin.

Look at how God and Satan and what they did with Job, they had a sort of bet with what happened to him, but I dont think it was ever stated what God or Satan would win or loose if they were proved right/ wrong, but I would say there probably was something in it for the one who was right…technically this was gambling.


Ladbrooks; Robbie Waterhouse, Sportsbets just to name a few of hundreds of on line bookies.


I am sorry, but if I lived in Poland in 1940 and the Nazi’s came for my guns I would not be handing them over. I don’t have to do everything the Government tells me to do I listen the church regarding what is sin

On the other hand being a bookie you may be making others to commit mortal sin such as putting gambling over jesus.


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