Is it immoral to use a friend's handicap placard to park?

Would this be immoral if the actual handicapped individual gave consent to his friend to use the placard? So the situation involves an able bodied individual parking in a handicapped space when he is capable of walking a long distance but chooses to park close to a venue because he’s lazy.

It’s cheating and it’s illegal. You may be depriving someone of a spot who really needs it.

It’s completely wrong. My husband has a blue parking badge (as we call them in the UK) because he can’t walk for more than a couple of hundred yards. I’m able to walk for miles. It’s not there for me to use on my own when I go to the shops! We only have it because of his illness. I’d rather we didn’t have to have it and he was fit again.

My late mum was disabled, and we never used her badge when she wasn’t in the car. I returned it the day after she died. Many people don’t, sadly, and get away with it for a while.

Yes, it is immoral, but the degree of sinfulness is probably venial or an imperfection at best. I remember Jesus’ words, “He who is faithful in little, will be faithful in much.” This infidelity in little matters opens a door to a slippery slope of minimally following Christ, and always weighing the advantages in light of “what’s good for ME.”

However, keep in mind when you see an “apparently” able-bodied person walking from the car into the shop, that there are hidden reasons for their use of the sticker that are not readily visible. IOW, they do not have to be using a cane and limping! I know someone who suffers from Morton’s neuromas in both feet and is not able to walk a long distance without suffering for it. Yes, these people can walk apparently with ease, but only for a short distance.

In Massachusetts it is illegal and can result in the handicap placard being revoked.

It is, in my opinion, immoral. Those placards are issued to people with real handicaps and to use one fraudulently denies one the use of a handicap parking space. At a lot of places those parking spaces are limited.

Not only is it illegal, there are some things decent people just do not do.

When I used to belong to a gym, I would get a laugh from watching people circle the parking lot slowly until someone in a front row pulled out, and snatch up their parking space. The lazy parker would then come in and run 5 miles on a treadmill. I knew a guy years ago who could walk out his back yard to an alley, and be less than 50 yds from his favorite bar. He chose to drive 7 blocks to get to it instead. He even got a DUI for this once and still would not walk to that bar. Now at Walmart they have spaces for handicap vans but people with cars and the handicap placard will use them. I guess people just want to feel “special” sometimes.


Yes, it would be immoral for a person to do this. It would also be breaking the law. A person who does this could be depriving a truly handicapped person of a spot that they need. I am disabled and while I do have physical disabilities, I am not totally handicapped physically. However, I do have mobility issues. I don’t yet need a handicap parking permit but I may very well need one in the future. I would be pretty irritated if someone took a spot which they didn’t have a right to.

It is immoral, dishonourable and selfish that shows more about yourself than you might want your mother to know, or even yourself. In Australia, in some States this incurs a $2000 fine and loss of the permit.

The disabled parking permit my husband has is valid across Europe, and it’s a wonderful thing to have in Italy where there are never enough places to park in the old streets. We were able to go to Loreto and park right outside the Basilica, which was a real blessing. My husband was able to see everything. There were only 3 or 4 spaces for disabled drivers - but out here, people tend to respect that they are for folk who need them.


I’m just a bit curious why you are asking?
Is this in regard to yourself, or are you angry about someone else doing this? It sounds like you are annoyed with regard to the “lazy” people.

When I still lived at my parents’ house, our next door neighbors used to drive to where they worked . . . which happened to be almost directly across the street.

As for someone using a handicapped placard when he’s not handicapped, he might be taking up a space for a person who actually is handicapped. Having a placard does not guarantee an available space for your vehicle.

BTW, my sister is handicapped and does have a placard. She’s not in a wheelchair but does walk with a cane. Sometimes after she parks, a person will yell at her that she doesn’t look handicapped. Rather than getting angry, she give him a big smile and says, “Why, thank you!”

It is definitely immoral, though probably only a venial sin.

The placards are not stickers for a reason, they go with the person to whom it’s registered.

If that person is not present and the card is being used, it would be a lie, and it is a crime, I think.

That said, the dapartment that passes them out is so corrupt, I don’t think the crime would ever be caught or prosecuted, but the lie remains.

So the question to help answer - Is lying moral?

Lying is a sin. Displaying a friend’s handicap sticker in your car is deceiving law enforcement & taking a space from a person who is really handicapped. It’s a sin. :frowning:

It is most certainly immoral. I am handicapped myself and can barely walk. There are few handicapped parking spaces and it makes me very angry to see a perfectly well bodied individual walk away with ease from a handicapped space when I have to walk from Siberia because there aren’t enough parking spaces for the handicapped. :mad:

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