Is it immoral to want to live in a Vatican Theocracy?

Not true. In the middle ages the average life expectancy of someone who made it to 25 was their 50s.

All wealthy men.

Only about 20 years or so. :sweat_smile:

But you’re right in that the biggest jump has been in the last 50 years or so. This also coincided with the vague boogeyman of “modernism” so many seem to be afraid of.

The average education increased in that time as well. Honestly, that’s probably your biggest problem. Religious devotion and education are often oil and water.

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Sure, that’s the last time there were major shifts in the west.

Like it or not, it’s an absolute fact to say that western borders have been more fixed in the last 70 years than at any other time in its history.

Really, not just the west - the world. The nuclear age largely froze borders.

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I disagree. The Middle Ages, your bogeyman, proves otherwise.

Not a boogeyman to me. I’m just acknowledging that it was a violent time and place to be alive.

Make a lord or bishop mad - get killed.
Let the rats get too numerous and the plague shows up - get killed.
Live in an area near a border when wars were much more common - get killed.

We’ve progressed. No more, no less.

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That’s a partial view of history.

All religious groups fantasize about their group monolithically running the show.

It’s always a nightmare stuffed with in-fighting.

The Ottoman Caliphs with constant rebellion, the Western Schism…

The temporal paradise you seek is not realizable.

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The only actual THEO-cracy - must contain the actual THEO…
of which the pope / Vatican - can in no attempted manner
be considered congruent with God Himself -
by, for example, even within Catholicism…


Believe me, you do NOT want to live under a theocracy as a government! Just look at countries whose people have to. Like Iran, for instance, where the Mullahs run everything, or Saudi Arabia. No freedoms, especially for women, barbaric punishments, unjust court systems – you would NOT want clergy of any religion to have absolute power over an entire nation.

Treasure the freedoms you have, and practice your religion as a matter of free will, NOT because you’re forced to adhere to it.

We have separation of church and state to guard against governmental theocracies.

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IF THEO is the King - I don’t believe that…

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