Is it inappropriate to wear white pants

…on Good Friday?

Inappropriate how? Morally? Liturgically? Etiquette wise as in white shoes only between memorial day and labor day? (I don’t know if there are any comparable adages in Switzerland.)

And where? At home? To work? To the grocery store? To Church?

There may be local customs where you live but there is no universal Church rule about it.

I don’t think there is a statute of limitations on what you can wear as long as it’s modest and becoming. I have never liked white pants, but I don’t think the Church puts limits on them for Good Friday.

It isn’t a Church or moral issue at all. However, where I’m from…here are the “rules”:

  1. No white pants or white shoes until Easter
  2. Off-white doesn’t count (often referred to as winter white) and a white wedding dress may be worn to a wedding at anytime of the year
  3. No sandals until after Easter

These “rules” start on Labor Day.

Ooops, I just wore sandals in the garden…:wink:

I meant in terms of white being the color of the resurrection or something, or am I wrong?
And white being too bright a color for such a solemn day.

Just because the two blue jeans I usually wear are in the laundry (don’t tell me now jeans are inappropriate!)
I guess I’ll try to find something else…

And I meant in general; I’ll be working tomorrow at the group home I usually work at, and then probably going to a service directly from there.


As others mentioned, there is no reason you cannot wear white pants to Good Friday services. The rules I mentioned are just fashion rules that might not even apply where you are! :smiley:

It sounds to me just reading your comments that you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them on this solemn day. That is a commendable attitude so I would just follow your heart and wear what you feel is right.


It’s probably just a pious custom and I would personally refrain from it in keeping with the spirit of lent. Similar to why they veil all the statues and images until Easter - keeps us from rejoicing during the sorrwful time until the Glorious Resurrection on Easter!

Have a Blessed Easter, btw!

As long as they’re clean and they look good on you without making you look “cheap” you’ll be just fine.

As far as “no white before Victoria Day or after Labour Day” or whatever the custom is in your area, my impression is that these things are going by the wayside - lots of people wear white in winter. (Of course, they are all foreigners from hot countries, but even so. :shrug: )

I’ve never been a white pants girl, just don’t like the way they look on me. I wear more khaki, olive green or black. If I were to wear them I would make sure the material is a bit thicker so my underclothes aren’t seen. That’s another thing I don’t like about white pants is that theycan be sheer. My opinion is to go ahead and wear them, if you like. It’s close enough to Easter. You must be in the north? Down here they are already being worn as the weather has been warm for a while with the exception of a cold front earlier this week. I already have a dark tan;).

I am so jealous! :slight_smile: I am still very pasty-white from the winter. I think if I wore white today, I would simply disappear altogether. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too funny! That might be yet another rule for not wearing white until summer, so we can be seen & not look like a blob of white :D.

I’m in Switzerland.
It’s really gotten springtime here now. Low 70s, wonderful.

Well I don’t have too many good pants :wink: I guess. Anyway, I went to the mass of the Lord’s Supper tonight in some that I don’t wear very often because the zipper is broken but they’re ok to wear, I can wear them tomorrow too.:thumbsup:

This was just about white and the spirit of Lent, like somebody said. The spirit of a solemn day. White kind of being a happy, frsh, summery color? Depends on the culture though, doesn’t it!

Blessed Easter everyone!


White is neutral, it’s not a ‘happy’ colour IMHO.

Liturgically it’s the colour of great feasts, yes, but then liturgically purple and black are the colours of mourning - would you avoid wearing those colours outside of Lent and funerals?

If we can have the priest wearing Rose vestments on Laetare Sunday (4th Sunday of Lent) then white on Good Friday is surely acceptable too.

Interestingly, the colour red, used for martyrs and Good Friday, is ALSO used on Pentecost.

Better to have you attend in white pants then to stay home…pantsless…lol.

I tell people when they ask me what to wear to Mass; The best you can. However, if you’re just coming off a shift, if you only have rags, if you don’t own a stitch of clothes at all better that you show up in the buff than to miss out on the Holy Sacrifice.

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