Is it is possible to cultivate the feeling as one human family between all religions?

Hey guys! Have not been on here in a while, I was discerning the priesthood the last time I was here, but in the past two yeas I have studied Buddhism and Hinduism and feel it is more encompassing of my world view and more spiritually satisfying. No disrespect intended, I find that the Catholic Church has the potential to be a wonderful cause for good in the world, as it has been and continues to be. Now what I am interested in is what do you believe the goal of Catholic-Buddhist dialogue as pioneered by Fr. Merton is? Obviously it is unlikely that there we will ever be one religion, however, do you think it is possible to cultivate the feeling as one human family between all religions? Thanks again! I just thought this would be a nice discussion point since both faiths have very similar lifestyles and figures and since I remember the people on this Forum as very intellectual, understanding, and kind.

Dear friend,

There is simply no comparison between those two religions and Christianity. Neither of them actually answers the question of why we exist at all. (Why not nothing!) Where Hindus believe in pantheism, Buddhists are focused on personal enlightenment. Only Christianity looks beyond enlightenment to union. Truth is one and can never be relative. It is certainly not a matter of feeling, but the acknowledgment of what is. We cannot afford to begin with one’s self and what feels satisfying. We need to begin with God and measure everything by that. My prayer is that you will do this.


Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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