Is it just 2 things to go to heaven/paradise?


If I converted to Islam and decided all I would accept as truth was that Allah is the one true God and (PBUH) is his prophet and final messenger

Can I get away with only that and still get to paradise?*


salam ,

Eventually if what you said apply, then you are bound to heaven. If one have sinned against other humans then he wil have to be punished for the sins against them. If there are other minor sins against God that were unrepented from before one meets God then most likely God will forgive them on Judgement day with his vast mercy.

I hope i understood your question ,



Is there a list of sins so I can be sure? Is it the same as the list I have now as a Catholic?

Where is my punishment going to take place if I sinned a lot but still get to heaven?



Most likely they will be around the same. Usury, sorcery, murder, lying, backbiting, adultry, bieng disobedient to ones parents , cruelty to people and animals . etc… .

Gods punishments can take place any where. and at any stage. If God have mercy on us he will give us our punishments in this life instead of the after life, the early that we have the punishment the merciful God is on us . If God choose to punish someone in his grave or delays his punishment till judgement day then he is even more angry at him. Punishments can range between some spec that enters your feet to loss of health or money ofr even greater. Also the same incidents not necessarily happen as punishments but some times as tests of patience , like in Job’s case .

a believer should have a fear and hope in God. Both are required. We fear our sins and we hope in Gods mercy .

In short , muslims are ordered not to have assurance of non punisments, but to expect to be treated with mercy and generousity of a kind a merciful God .

Its sort of like telling you that i cant assure you to succeed into the exam no matter how bad you did. But i assure you if you do your best in studies and do some sincere work that you will have a generous and understanding grading .

hope this clarified,

thank you for yoru questions Demascus, Dont hesitate to ask more,



Hey Meedo!

I came up with another question this morning. What if I refuse to say any prayers in Arabic, because I am too old to learn and too lazy.

Can I still be a Muslim and go to heaven? Or not?:eek:


Depends on your attitude.

No Body challenges God . You cannot ‘’ refuze’’ Gods orders or demands . You can be too old and lazy and know you are sinning but ask God for forgiveness and mercy. That is the meaning of bieng ‘’ muslim’’ which means ‘’ submitter ‘’ is all about.

There are many muslims who dont pray in laziness and they are considered a muslim. Any muslim who dont pray in outright defiance of God is non muslim any more no matter how he uttered otherwise.

The act of bieng muslim must come with caution to acts that get one out of Islam into herecy. We dont pick and choose our Islam . We listen and obey .

There are many muslims who dont know arabic. But they try to know arabic as much as they can , at least for prayers . As long as they did their best , yes they are muslim and bound to heaven.

as a muslim i do not advise any challenege of God commandement.

I hope i clarified.




Thanks Meedo. I agree about what you said about one ought to do what God commands and to pray for help and that makes perfect sense. Being lazy is not a good excuse to offer God. Its an insult.

It just occured to me that Islam makes you want to do better without the fear of getting kicked out like Catholics can fear getting excommunicated and that is a big difference, I need to think about this.


Damascus - One thing you won’t find as you check that out, is that Islam does not understand God as a loving Father. I recommend reading Pope Benedict XVI’s first encyclical “Deus Caritas Es” (God is Love):

After reading this encyclical, ask a Muslim about God the loving Father.


Thanks Eden,

You see, this is purely an intellectual curiosity for me so I can understand reasons that people find Islam attractive, and I have come up with a rather long list.

You know this is not my desire to change my faith right? I will die for it!

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