Is it just a game of time?


I know that if one does not confess their sins on their death bed and are in a state of mortal sin they go to hell. SO, if there is no priest to confess to, is this still the case?


Are you Catholic?

In the absence of a priest if one makes a perfect act of contrition and prays for the grace of a true repentance one may be forgiven of their sins under the desire for sacramental confession. But it is much better to try and get a priest there since the last rites have special spiritual graces and may permit you to avoid purgatory entirely. There is also a little known Catholic teaching that tells us that one can be forgiven if one on their deathbed offers up their death and suffering to God as a just punishment for the sins of their lives and makes an act of contrition.



That’s a really good question. I guess all that can be done is to pray and hope that God has mercy on you. :shrug:


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