Is it just me or does it seem that "overpopulation" is becoming an issue again?

Here are two of many articles that seem to be recently cropping up
If you read through some of the comments on the second article it seems that some people believe that how many children couples have should be determined by government.
It seems the “overpopulation” issue went away for awhile after the 70’s and 80’s but now is back- could this have something to do with the fact that many couples are having more children and being more generous with life?

I’m 52 and most of my contemporaries have 1-2 children 3 at most.
Many young 20 and 30 something families I see are having 4-5 children these days it seems or at least the evangelicals like me which I think is great

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I looked at a couple of articles–not these–and what seems like is going on is that there will be a spike in population when a lot of the Baby Boomers are still alive, and environmentalists are using that to scare people by pointing to it as indicating a *continuing *increase, but really that will just be a spike caused by medical advances keeping older people alive longer. Once the BBs start dying, there will be a precipitous *drop *in population due to the ZPG mentality fostered in the 1960s.


Maybe now…?

yes, exactly. As one wag put it- the reason the population has grown is NOT because wwe’ve suddenly started breeding like rabbits but because we’ve stopped dying like flies due to better medical technology.

People used to have much larger families in the past but most people didn’t live past 40-50.

European countries are undergoing a great decrease in population, which will cause serious economic problems as the population ages. For one thing the greatly increased money needed to support a much larger proportion of retired people must be paid by a much smaller number of younger people. The only reason the U.S. population is not declining is because of immigration from Latin America and elsewhere. Anyone who thinks Western population is increasing is out of touch with reality. Some countries in Europe now are trying to encourage couples to have more children for this reason.

Holy See proposes alternative to new U.S. population policy

New York City, N.Y., Apr 2, 2009 / 09:22 am (CNA).- Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, delivered a strongly worded speech yesterday, sharply criticizing the “population reduction” mentality defended by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton at a Planned Parenthood gala last Friday.
The Papal Nuncio began his opening remarks—a time usually reserved for non-polemical issues—by denouncing the anti-life attitude he saw in the preparatory documents for the U.N. summit for the International Conference on Population and Development (known as Cairo +15).
“In reading the preparatory documents for this session of the Commission one cannot help but get the impression that populations are seen as the hindrance to greater social and economic development rather than vital contributors to the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and greater sustainable development,” Archbishop Migliore said.


While it may be true that a few areas of the world have declines in population that is not true for the world as a whole.I still haven;t heard any claims for instance that we probably wonlt hit around 9 billion by 2050. And much of that will be in the areas that can least support it. And donlt get me wrong I am against forced sterilization and forced laws on how many children on can have. But I donlt think there is anything wrong with educating people about the issue and what not. Give them the knowledge and the tools. Cause the Earth is a finite place we do not have infinite amounts of resources. And nature has far crueler ways then educating people and things like contraception to deal with overpopulation in an area.

I collect old radio shows [American] from the 1930’s to the 1950’s if you listen to them especially Science Fiction programs it seems the liberals were on this overpopulation stuff way back then and it was the cause of all the world’s problems.

Even today you can fit the entire world’s population in the State of Texas.

People are starving and dying because of bad governments not overpopulation.

I encourage people to contact PRI (Population Research Institute). It unveils the myth of overpopulation. “Overpopulation” is and always has been a myth.

Yes, it has always been the big lie, which repeated so often has been believed. The problem on the horizon is underpopulation.

Yes, “thanks” mainly to contraception and abortion. Will people never learn that these have negative consequences?

Overpopulation is a lie, and lies spread because they “seem right”.

The real problem is that those who are so concerned that we are overpopulating the world have already been born.

If they really believed it, they would remove themselves from this life.


Yes, it’s yet another agenda coming from the usual crowd.

Yes, I’ve read several articles on how entire European countries will dissapear if they don’t start having more children.

Most people have already been educated. Most people know about contraception- even in 3rd world countries. In some cases, Western countries sending over Birth Control and pushing for Abortion in these countries have outpaced primary care especially in places like Africa.

Yes, that’s a great organization- I support it.

It seems like we hear more of this stuff when the economy worsens. Too many people and groups live beyond their means and when reality sets in, they want to blame others for taking away their excess. I’ve just started reading what appears to be a great book titled “The Man in the Mirror” which talks about how so many men (and women) get caught up in wanting to acquire more and more material things at the expense of losing their spiritual life. Just like when Jesus warned us about wanting to gain the whole world and losing our lives.

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