Is it just me...

Forgive my many postings on marriage/relationships, it’s just something that’s bothering me to NO end…

Is it just me, or does the Catholic definition of marriage (how I kinda understand it) seem kinda, well un-romantic? Maybe it is just me, but it kinda appears to me like we’re obligated to get married and then obligated to have enough kids to fill a suburban once or twice over.

I dont know…maybe it’s just our wonderful material worshiping society getting the best of me.

What is not romantic about a man and a woman becoming one flesh, no longer two but one. The closest human being get to imitating God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) is when husband and wife come together and give themselves totally to each other in sexual intercourse, it is then that are physically one flesh and every time they do this they renew their wedding vows.

Ignore post…reading Theology of Body…

**I have been a catholic for 36 years and am now 57 years old. I believed that it was alright for me to live my moral life the way I wanted to as long as I went to Mass and believed. I was convinced some of the teachings of the Church were obviously wrong. The Holy Spirit opened my mind a year ago, I read and studied about Catholicism, I read the readings and gospel everyday, there is so much to learn I never have to worry about running out of material. I spent considerable time reading about sin and confession and it took me awhile to understand why so many things the world sees as ok are not ok.

"God created me to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this life and to be
happy with Him forever in heaven," says the Baltimore Catechism.

The above quote sums up everything about our lives. Everything we do is to be for God.

I can only recommend reading, and studying about our wonderful faith. When I read something that didn’t seem right I checked it out in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

It is a wonderful journey.


[quote=Argh]Ignore post…reading Theology of Body…


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